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Finding Nate the Dragon

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Mon Jul 05, 2021 12:28 am
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veeren says...

After being thrown around by crows, being denied a braincell, and coming out of a pokeball(??), veeren decided he needed a little break from the chaos. He stood up in his rat costume and announced to everyone that he'd be back shortly- his cat was barking and he wanted to go check on it.

Before leaving he decided to grab some water so he had something to chew while he was heading home. Unfortunately, due to the fact that his wallet was ringing, he'd forgotten to fold the dishes before he left, so his mother might be mad at him when he got home.

Suddenly discouraged, he needed a new excuse, in case any of the young writers were actually paying attention to anything he was saying anymore.

"Hey guys I think my fish needs a hair cut I'll see yall soon." he said, hoping everyone was distracted enough by the flaming candy canes to not notice him dissappearing.

Thankfully, he had only made it a few steps before he realized his zipper was untied. How embarrassing. In an attempt to calm himself down, he decided to visit the nearest theater to see what movies he could read. Life was good.
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Mon Jul 05, 2021 2:16 am
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Big Brother says...

Meanwhile, in the Dragon's Den...

Big Brother watched diligently at the many camera screens (called the Forum Posts-atronic™ machine), watching the chaos unfold. He didn't know how exactly the YWSers figured out that Nate woken up, but he was here to do what he was born to do: protect the admin at all costs.

That was what dogs were for, after all. Loyal friends, and fierce protectors. Big Brother was the goodest boi.

Of course, because of the chaos magic that ran the world of YWS, Nate and Big Brother were able to send fake illusions of themselves throughout the lands, hence how Nate was able to wave at Yoshi earlier. Yes, if the tagbook started to lose continuity, just blame it on chaos magic and @Carina's lack of planning.

"@Nate, my lord," Big Brother said with his head bowed down at Nate's feet. "I am here to serve and protect you. YWSers are here to find you and awaken you from your deep slumber. What would you like me to do?"

Nate, of course, did not answer. Perhaps he will answer if he posts in the tagbook. Will he? Have yet to be determined.

Big Brother sighed, diligently returning back to the camera screens and watching the Poetry Plaza and Roleplay Kingdom congregate. Meanwhile, it looked like the Literature Republic and District of Community were going to team up too.

He wondered what would happen if all four empires came together and traveled up the mountains, which would officially start Part 2 of the tagbook... that Carina has not yet started because she may or may not be concerned about stretching out the pacing for the rest of the month.

"Hey!" @KotGRCommander said sharply, pointing his sword at Big Brother. "I've been summoned. I've left my post at the Literature Republic because of you. What's this all about?"

Ah, yes. Right. He needed to call for more reinforcements. Big Brother started to type away at a keyboard and picked up the phone like that one gif.


"Hello? Yes, @SantaYWS, @DungeonMaster, @SquillsBot, @ReviewBuddy, @ReviewRampage ... you must protect Nate! Get to the Dragon's Den immediately, and keep your radios on while you await instructions!" Big Brother said through the phone.

"Wait, but how do you know which Big Brother we're talking to?" DungeonMaster screeched because, uh, phoenix. "Aren't you a hivemind for all the GMs?"

Big Brother shrugged even though they couldn't see it through the phone. "I dunno. Guess the mystery is what makes it more chaotic."

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Mon Jul 05, 2021 3:42 am
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Carina says...

Carina was like a page behind the tagbook and didn't feel like treating this as a serious roleplay and reread the millions of posts to figure out the continuity, so instead she planned on going by memory of what happened. It was too bad @HarryHardy hadn't posted again and gave a summary of what happened.

Something about candy goblins, having Poetry Plaza people magically teleport to them, literally raised stakes, @veeren disappearing for an epic pokemon battle, and marshmallow birds coming in outta nowhere. Were Literature Republic folks with them? Unclear. It was also unclear if Harry was even with them, or still at the Literature Republic. Honestly, someone just make up a decision now, and we'll go with that, because Mega Mind Carina had other things to worry about, such as writing this post.

Carina crumpled the map into a ball and threw it at @FireEyes for her to catch, because wow maps were really hard to read. "Excellent job, chaos cadet!" she said with a grin, then pointed forward. "Let's bounce to The Trampoline Trough!"

"Uh, Carina?" @whatchamacallit said, poking her shoulder and gesturing the other way. "The Trampoline Trough is that way."

"Let's bounce to The Trampoline Trough!" Carina repeated, pointing the right direction now.

"We're also flying there," whatcha added.

"Let's fly to The Trampoline Trough!" Carina repeated again, now pointing towards the sky.

"But what about the chubby bunnies?" @Liminality said with an army of poor marshmallow bunnies that have been displaced from the Great Candy Cane Forest Fire of YWS.

Spoiler! :

Carina sighed. "Yeah, you're right. We can't abandon the poor marshmallow bunnie wubbies."

"So what do we--"


The narrator cleared their throat before saying, "And that, readers, is how Carina and company™ flew to the Trampoline Trough with *insert your name here because we've lost track at this point*, along with 21-ish crows and a hundred colorful marshmallow bunnies."

By the time everyone arrived to the middle of the Trampoline Trough -- which she was leaving it up to @FireEyes to describe because she was the one who literally put this on the map, but it probably involved a lot of trampolines -- Carina gathered everyone together around @Spearmint's ice cream truck for a group planning session.

"We should probably figure out how we're going to get across," @Valkyria said, who was always forward in thinking to advance the plot, bless her heart.

"We flew here by marshmallow birds and still have 21 crows," @SilverNight said. "Can't we just... fly... the whole way there...?"

"Shhhhhhhhhh," Carina shushed, stuffing her mouth with candy canes she had stolen from the candy cane forest. "Don't bring logic into a tagbook, Silv."

"So what's the plan?" @Vincian asked. "I don't know why I ask. You never have a plan."

"The plan is simple," Carina said slowly, giving everyone a second of eye contact. "For now... we eat ICE CREAM! mint, do you have chaos flavored ice cream? Also can you figure out what's going on next because I was about to pass the plot baton over to @veeren, but then he hurt himself in confusion and disappeared."

Vincian sighed. "Are you going to keep asking other people to figure out the plot for the tagbook you created?"

"Maybe. Anyways, what 'bout dat ice cream?"
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Mon Jul 05, 2021 10:37 am
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LittleLee says...

Spoiler! :

LittleLee was a crested gecko. It was official.

After trying to follow all the events of the tagbook in the space of a single day(he knew he shouldn't have put it off but ehh), Lee's brain cells dinged themselves to oblivion, leaving a single, frazzled neuron that slowly bounced around his skull. With a dazed expression and stuck loading screens for eyes, he wandered around in - where? He had no idea whatsoever. All he knew was that one moment he had been sailing rather peacefully in the Roleplay Fleet, and the next... crows, pokemon, rickrolls, candy rain, an erratic storm cloud, people yeeting themselves across the world using chaos magic/fish/birbs, and a potato canon. The last one caused a mild reaction in his brain, as he had been obsessed with potatoes of late.

Potatoes... potato... something about unicorns? Wasn't @starlitmind a fellow potato lover?

After a few dings, he resolved to find someone who could-

He blinked. Someone had... tagged him? Well, it helped his neuron move a little faster. It now had the capacity to match itself against an inebriated snail.
Thank goodness for that. It was quite the improvement.

He decided to temporarily ignore the huddle of people standing by the Trampoline Trough - the chaos magic was too powerful there - and spotted @WrenZorya and @QuoolQuo eagerly discussing their next roleplay mission.

Ah... he was part of that, wasn't he?

Quool looked up, and waved him over. "Hey, Lee! Good to see you, I haven't embarked on very many missions; what's the plan?"

Plan? He had heard rumours of such mystical things. "Ahem. Something about a missing dragon?"

"That's the overarching mission, yes," Wren said patiently. "Perhaps we should stick with-"

Unfortunately, at this very moment Lee's brain cell decided to bonk itself against the more irrational part of his head, and his face was split by a wide grin. "We can do both, can't we?"

The other two exchanged uncertain glances, but there was no chance of convincing him otherwise at this point. After all, he had raced tortoises in events organized by @ReviewBuddy and diligently reviewed @Messenger 's literature while at it; he could surely commit to this.

After a moment of thought, he decided to drag @TheCursedCat into it as well. After all, Cat had been skulking around for quite a while now. He heard @Vincian mention reinforcements, and Cat was definitely fun to have around.

But would he be enough? Lee closed his eyes, concentrating all the power of his one brain cell into yoinking @Elfboy , @Hkumar , @Tanishka , and @PrincessInk into the tagbook as well. Perhaps they'd help. With the last of his energy, he remembered a certain @sheysse ; if he joined with his powerful sister @Magebird , they'd be a truly formidable pair.

At this point, Lee's windows-screensaver-neuron couldn't keep up anymore, and it short-circuited. Lee toppled over face-first onto a trampoline, which promptly yeeted him into the sky.
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Tue Jul 06, 2021 2:12 pm
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ImaginativeAlice says...

Whoa 1,000,000 points, people got bonkers when they heard about Nate the dragon news, it’s everywhere.I can publish my works for my entire life with this crazy big amount. Or maybe I will buy some of @Spearmint mint flavored ice creams? No, no let’s first think about some plan to find @Nate the Dragon.

Hey there I am the great sleepy fairy, my sleepy mushrooms can make people fall into a sleep full of weird dreams, they can send them into the dark world of imagination, where they will think they are living in a real world but they will actually be in the dark realm of dreams Hahahaha….

I am currently living in the District of Community, it is the home of different friendly people of all classes and races. People here like to rant when they are sad and like to share memes when they are in a fun mood . I have taken a little break from the Literature republic, I admit I am unable to kill more of those Green room beasts cause I am lazy..., but the other knights like @HarryHardy @MailicedeNamedy @FireEyes @Plume are really brave review monsters killing those beasts ruthlessly, I feel ashamed I really am lazy.

Let’s now concentrate on the adventure I am about to take. I see @Spunkykitty out there playing with Nibbles. Maybe she can accompany me on this journey. A friendly young fairy @hannah0528 is playing with @NivedaJames22, a funny half elf, maybe they are as greedy as me to get those points, maybe they can join this funny and ridiculous storybook adventure, I hope they do.

Ahh not again, the old @Nicole136 again started teaching life lessons to the young ones.


Ahh notifications don’t distract me. I am thinking of a plan. Yeah, as I have heard from the great adventures of YWS to find the dragon’s den we shall first get across the extremely dangerous Candy Cane forest. I have heard about the marshmallow bunnies that live there. They are cute but they bite, if they don’t get food on time, evil animals. Then we will come across a sea, whose name I keep forgetting. Ah it’s alright I will get to know when we get there.

“@AshlynPhoenix @FlamingPhoenix I wonder if you two are kind enough to let us borrow your phoenixes, so we can fly to the Candy Cane forest.” I said

“Take this filthy creature away, last night it burned my precious hair, you can take it wherever you want,” @FlamingPhoenix said

“Anyone willing to go find a dragon with me, @MomoMajesty, maybe you, or @chikara. @Ignorance , come join us. I won’t survive a day alone in this dangerous adventure,”

~ 467 words

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Tue Jul 06, 2021 3:45 pm
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FireEyes says...

All who were traveling with this pack arrived at the Trampoline Trough. Who was with Fire, again? Ah yes @Carina, @veeren, @SilverNight, @Vincian, @Spearmint, and perhaps others. If they wanted to they could just pop in with no continuity whatsoever.

So where was Fire? Ah yes, The Trampoline Trough.

"The Trampoline Trough! Oooo alliteration. I like that." Fire stood at the entryway of The Trampoline Trough. It was beautiful and very orange. Like very very orange. @LittleLee already discovered that the Trampoline part was very springy and could bounce you up into outer space if you're not careful. Fire also noticed that there were no paddings in between each trampoline square. "Silver," Fire gave a snap in Silver's direction, "Give me one of your crows/ Preferably a dumb one."

"Whaaaaaaaat are you going to be using him for?" Silver clutched crow #17 back to her. The crow had it's tongue sticking out (do crows even have tongues?) and had a vacant gaze.

"I'm just going to use him to see if the spaces in between the trampoline rectangles," the camera panned to the empty spaces, "Are a bottomless pit. Can the crow fly?"

"YES! Just because he's dumb doesn't mean he can't fly!" Silver cried back.

"I just needed to make sure. If it's a bottomless pit, he can just fly back up if he's had enough."

Silver still looked on the fence about it.

"Don't worry Silver!" veeren popped up behind her, "If he isn't back in 3 minutes I will bungey jump with my tail tied to that tree over there and retrieve him!"

"...Okayy fine." Silver begrudgingly handed crow #17 to Fire and Fire gently let the crow go. Just as she let him into the crevasse there was a scream coming from above.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA *thud*." LittleLee can back from the atmosphere and landed right on top of FireEyes.
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Tue Jul 06, 2021 6:47 pm
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Spearmint says...

Meanwhile, mint was pondering potential recipes for chaos-flavored ice cream, as requested by @Carina. "So... I actually think my ice cream truck is technically supposed to be on vacation after taking us halfway to The Trampoline Trough," mint told Carina while having a >.> expression on her face, "but I'm sure we can work some plot magic and have it decide to stick around a little longer." mint stared meaningfully at her truck. "Right?" The truck didn't deign to respond.

mint coughed. "Anyways, chaos ice cream recipes! Hmm... I'm pretty sure we could make that work. Just toss in a few teaspoons of banana... a sprinkling of plot holes, a healthy scoop of tags, and... loads of sugar? Sounds about right! :D"

A couple minutes later, everyone was digging into their gigantic scoops of chaos-flavored ice cream. mint offered extra-gigantic scoops to @LittleLee and @FireEyes, because neither being yeeted into the sky nor being landed on by someone who's been yeeted into the sky sounds fun at all. Hopefully the ice cream would be able to comfort @SilverNight and/or her crow too, in case something happened to the poor guy...

Suddenly everyone heard a confused caw and looked up to see crow #17 flapping out of the maybe-bottomless pit. Thankfully, the crow looked alright, except he was... neon pink? Hmm. Maybe he wasn't alright after all.

While Silver fussed over the now-pink crow, mint said, ">.> Okay, maybe avoid the spaces... Anyways, what are we doing next? Can we just hang out here forever-- the trampolines look super fun :D-- or do we have more places to visit?"

@Valkyria glanced at the map that someone (was it Fire that Carina passed the map to? or someone else??) was holding. "Should we head to the popcorn fields?"

@HarryHardy said, "Hmm, actually I think we should go see what's up with @ShadowVyper and @InuYosha. Do you think they've managed to gather more Lit reinforcements?" He turned to Silver. "Hey Silv, you think you can send another one of your cr--"

Silver hugged her crows protectively. "Hmph. If you wanna borrow my crows, you've got to sign this seventy-page contract first!" She produced a thick stack of pages from thin air. "No more losing and/or doing weird stuff to my crows! >:("

@Liminality popped in with a different suggestion. "How about we just hang out here for a bit? I'm sure tagbook magic can do something about the messages. :] I also heard that @ImaginativeAlice has been gathering D.C. troops, so hopefully they can come meet up with us here too!"

Everyone shrugged and nodded, and bounced on the trampolines for a few hours... or whatever length of time the next author would find convenient >.>

(452 words)
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Wed Jul 07, 2021 6:47 pm
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ImaginativeAlice says...

Alice with a few others like @MomoMajesty @hannah0528 @ChesTacos or @InuYosha were flying high up in the YWS clouds on phoenixes back that they borrowed from their kind friends. She could see @Ignorance and some funky orangutans entering the great chat hall made on the clouds above the YWS lands. It was a castle made up of clouds.

“Hey, why not we take a look up in that castle,” Alice suggested riding on the @Ashlynphoenix ’s phoenix who will stop after a minute or two wanting some food to gain back his energy and @ChesTacos will stuff some of his cheese tacos inside it’s beak, which will obviously get burned with it’s flames. But it looks like phoenixes like burnt food maybe.

“No need, most of the time no ones there. The chat hall is now an old place. Now YWS land people like to visit new places like writerfeed sea world or rise up bubble land,” someone from the troop said, well Alice thought “Let’s not waste time there.”

She had felt a little tag sometime ago, hmmmmm let’s see who tagged me, .. aa maybe @Spearmint. So Literature republic people are there with the @Carina ’s chaotic group of roleplayers from the Roleplay kingdom. Wait for me, I am gonna have a stunning entry, hehehehe.

“Ches you stuff some extra tacos in the mouth of these little foodie beasts and Momo you stuff some of your ramen noodles and hmm.. Maybe give me too, I am kinda hungry.”Alice said “Now move faster you foodies.”

After sometime the troop can see the melted candy cane forest, it was an awful sight. And there stood the chaotic team with the green room knights jumping on the trampoline, having a good time eating the chaotic ice-cream. Hahahaha I am here now, you think you will find the dragon and win the points, cause your team is bigger and powerful, nope you are wrong just see.
@Carina, @FireEyes and @Vincian were enjoying the ice cream, when they noticed something fell down from the sky, a mushroom.

“Ah, now it's a mushroom rain, GREAT! This storybook is getting weirder,”Carina said

But suddenly @whatchamacallit felt sleepy, her head was roaming. “It’sss… not a simple mushroom, THE sleepy mushroom.” she fell asleep right there. Suddenly there was a rain of more mushroom and everyone started to fall down on the ground and fall asleep. Now here is the entry Alice was talking about.
The phoenixes came down on the land, Alice quite impressed with her sleepy mushroom entry said.

“Ah, you all will be sleeping till tomorrow, but don’t worry, If you can’t I will find the dragon,” Alice chuckled. “But maybe we can take knight @Spearmint with us, he makes tasty ice-creams… hmm I get hungry all the time you know.”

The powerful knights of the green room were now with the D.O.C troop who were making their way upto the that.. I keep forgetting the sea’s name. Leave it, let's talk about the Roleplay kingdom roleplayers, they were now in their sleep, seeing horrific dreams. The mushroom fairy Alice has done her part as the keeper of continuity of the chaotic storybook, now it’s in the hands of the next author.

~Word count-562
Last edited by ImaginativeAlice on Thu Jul 08, 2021 6:35 am, edited 1 time in total.

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Wed Jul 07, 2021 9:08 pm
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alliyah says...

~yo ho, yo ho and away i go
if ya mention chickens, the goblin appears,
those feathered darlings, they are my dears,
yo ho, yo ho now let's go!~

- alliyah hummed her theme song to herself.


alliyah, goblin of chickens, court magician of the Knights of the Green Room, and poetry enthusiast had been distracted. Nay, she had been obsessed ever since @BluesClues had handed her this hand-knitted coded blanket that surely would reveal the secrets needed to defeat classified, find Nate the Dragon, and win the Million Points (a sum of points that would go a long way in refurbishing the YWS Party Budget which had been drained from the last time @Magebird threw a party in a haunted mansion when the mods failed to get a return on the damage deposit... legal disputes still ensuing... green goo involved...)

Anyways, she was thankful her poetry buddies had brought her safely to wherever she was now, because this whole journey from the Poetry Plaza, to the Candy Cane Forest, and now to the Trampoline Trough alliyah could just barely take in what had happened around her - and she glanced up was surprised to see not only were her beloved chickens nesting around her, but the sky was filled with @SilverNight's crows, a silvery duck from @Plume, marshmallow birds, and then @Liminality inexplicably was holding half a dozen chubby marshmallow bunnies and seemed to be chattering to them in soothing binary code. Some of the bunnies had a disturbing glaze to their eyes ... had maybe gotten a wee bit melty.


THAT'S IT! alliyah shouted, "I have to use binary code to crack the code of this knitted blanket from Blue!" She grabbed her YWS-Walkie-Talkie and put @HarryHardy @SoullessGinger, @AshlynPhoenix, @Spearmint, @TheWarriorMingan, @SirenCymbaline, @YeOldeYorick, @starlitmind, @Liberty, @rida, @ImaginativeAlice, @JoyDark, @Necromancer14, @Oxara and the other YWS Unclassified Code Breakers on Speaker Phone. She started counting the stitches of each row's pattern, "01100010 01100101 01110111 01100001 01110010 01100101 00100000 01110100 01101000 01100101 00100000 01110111 01100101 01100001 01110011 01100101 01101100 01110011" She finished the last row and @starlitmind shouted out - "BEWARE THE WEASELS".

Yes. alliyah should have known this would be the clue. With a crazed look in her eye she held up the blanket to @whatchamacallit and said, "see, what did I tell ya! Weasels at it again!" hatch blinked a couple times then turned to @Carina (who was still holding a dribbling icecream cone) and @Vincian who was holding a giant map surrounded by quite a few other recruits.

"What about the dragon, alliyah? What can you tell us about finding the dragon?" - Vincian asked again.

AhA! You should have asked! Dragons are like Dinosaurs which are brethren to Chickens you know, so I have just the trick! alliyah leaned down to consult Henrietta the chicken's advice (Henrietta is Herschel's sister btw). With this added wisdom, alliyah chanted in poetic verse -
~If a dragon you seek,
then don't make a peep
he'll hear you and eat you for dinner.
To find that ol dragon
you'll need to trick em!
Easily done by wearing a feather!~

A few of the less poetically inclined members started dozing off by the end of the poem. When thankfully @Arcticus, another veteran to chicken poetry, came in with a slightly tipsy cadence to offer his poetic musings and translations. "When your intentions are pure, you don't lose anyone, they lose you. If you want to find the dragon, you must purify your intentions by seeking him not for the point prize, or the glory, but for the good of the site! And as alliyah said... dragons are like chickens... you have to sneak up on him, which will only work if you dress in feathers."

A few members started eyeing the birds around them greedily. But at that moment alliyah, @SilverNight, and @Plume produced a well stocked crate of feather boas made with humanely sourced feathers, and started distributing them to the search party.

@lillianna declared them to be fashion-forward, settling the initial concerns voiced by a few members. "Well, now that we're dressed for flight or hunt, where to next?" alliyah asked whoever might respond next.
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Thu Jul 08, 2021 12:58 am
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InuYosha says...

InuYosha sighed as he realized he had nothing else to say in the tagbook except:

"Hey @ImaginativeAlice, you know the plural form of Phoenix is Phoenices, right?"
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Thu Jul 08, 2021 7:51 pm
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YeOldeYorick says...

"Next is the thing and next is the night,

Next is the colour of a fowl-bulous sight,

Fowls hide in feathers and drakes hide in scales! Scales of weight! Scales of wiles! Gales afreight! Monstrous miles!

Be he a drake, he be water-bound, be he a wyrm, he may be underground, and be he wyvern- then, I don't recall,

but it's clear rocky caves are good for a start."

Thus spake the Fool.

(Forever may he mewl.)

"...A bit more specific, please?" said @Kazumi.

Old Yorick scratched his head.

(Seagulls forever dread.)

"I know a cave, known to all called Knave, filled with bling asplendour,
doubt you may,
and doubt you might,
I offer you my candour,

'tis somewhere in the Bay of Noxious Smoke."

From his hat, Yorick offered a map.

(And that is all he will say of that.)




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Fri Jul 09, 2021 2:11 am
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SilverNight says...

Now everyone was dressed in their fancy Sustainably Sourced Feather Boas™ and looking good at that. The boas were just a little strange in that... well.. a third of the feathers used were from chickens, a third were from crows, and a third were just a random assortment. But it had been a group project from Silver, @Plume and @alliyah, so of course it couldn't be any other way. And if anyone criticized them for their design choices, they could just say it's fashion, Karen, look it up and then walk off dramatically in a glorious storm of feathers floating away. That was a win for sure.

The birds present had something to say about it, however. Allow me to write the transcript.


bawk bAwK BAWK bawk
bawk baaaaAaaaaAaaaaaaAWK


[*Crow #2 victoriously snatches a feather from @veeren's boa*]


"That's fine, I didn't need my hearing anyway," @Carina said. Or, she probably said it. If she had started singing Bohemian Rhapsody backwards instead, Silver wouldn't have been any the wiser. Perhaps Carina had said nothing at all.

"We've all lost ours from extended exposure to them on the ship," @Vincian said. "Wait, what were you saying?"

Eventually, @Valkyria pulled out a sandwich. Had she been hiding it from them, hoping to snack on it later when she thought no one would notice? It didn't matter, as long as she had a sandwich to use for this. She dropkicked the sandwich into the sky. It knocked into Crow #11, who caught it and was immediately swarmed by all the other hungry birds. They were still squawking very loudly, but at least they were quieter now from being farther away.


Now they were finally able to hear each other again, just in time for someone to drop a few verses. @Spearmint was a very helpful beatbox for @YeOldeYorick as he shared his knowledge and handed @FireEyes a map from his hat. The rhyme wasn't exactly meant to be a rap, but hey, it was catchy with a rhythm.

"Can someone who speaks rhyme translate that for the rest of us?" Silver asked.

"Basically, we've got to get ourselves over to some cave in a smoky bay," @whatchamacallit said as Yorick poofed off to wherever he'd come from, probably by trampoline self-yeeting.

"Ah, I see. Spearmint, by the way, why didn't you tell us you could beatbox? That was epic."

"I didn't know either," mint admitted. "And now I can't do it as well anymore. Maybe it was a one-time tagbook magic thing."

"Tagbooks be that way," Carina said.

"Are we going to figure out what to do about the trampoline?" @Liminality asked, staring in awe at the trampoline that seemed impossibly huge. "The temptation to boing... it's too much..."

"No!" @FireEyes shouted. "Don't you remember what happened to @LittleLee and me? He got yeeted and then I got smooshed!"

Lee, who was eating the ice cream mint had given him, raised his hand, or whatever crested geckos had. "I can confirm this as a witness."

"Honestly, knowing that makes the temptation even stronger because a boing of that size sounds very fun," @HarryHardy said. "I want to boing at all costs."

"I want to be a flying rat again," @veeren said. "But maybe with less crows involved this time. It's insurance for my brain cell loss."

"Don't look at me, look at @soundofmind," Carina protested. But no one was able to look at sound because she was somewhere very far away with her precious treasure.

"Can we do double bouncing? :o" mint asked. Don't ask Silver how mint's able to do the faces in her dialogue, she doesn't know. No one does because she won't tell.

"Spearmint sees the potential of this trampoline," Plume said with a nod. "Why even bother if we won't double bounce on this thing?"

"Because maybe you'll go soaring up and we won't see you again for another five minutes until you crash into the ground at terminal velocity like a meteorite that's had a bit too much coffee?" Vincian suggested. "Is that a reason not to? Do meteorites even drink coffee? Oh, forget it."

"...well, we all happen to be wearing feathers now," Valkyria said. "Anyone know if those might let us fly if we just get high enough? Because if anything can break the laws of physics, it's weird fashion. And then we can all bounce together and see where we land! Hopefully it's where we want to be, of course."

Silver huffed. "Our boas are not weird. They're glorious."

"Gloriously weird," Valkyria compromised.

"Fair enough, fair enough."

"alliyah, care to comment on this idea?" Carina asked.

The chicken goblin closed her eyes, sitting cross-legged with a chicken in her lap as she stroked its soft head. "Well, it's a tagbook," alliyah said after a very long moment, just when they'd started to think she might have fallen asleep. "So why not give it a try?"

"A crow stole one of my feathers though," veeren said. "What if that one feather is the difference between falling and flying?"

alliyah opened her eyes and exchanged a deep, long look with her chicken, connecting with the bird in a way that no one else could ever hope to. A moment later, as if a silent understanding had passed between them, the chicken gave her one of its feathers, and alliyah passed it over to veeren. "That should do the trick."

"Excellent," whatcha declared. "Now, let's proceed. I really want to bounce on this thing."

They all shuffled forward onto the trampoline, being very careful not to bounce themselves until they were all prepared to jump. This was certain to be the largest trampoline bounce of all time if everyone involved timed it right. Otherwise, it'd just be the largest trampoline flop of all time.

Maybe that wasn't so bad, Silver thought. No matter what happened, they would end up breaking a YWS world record.

"On my count," Harry said. "One, two I really hope these feathers work THREE!"

They all jumped together, and then they flew so high that the birds were having serious trouble catching up. Luckily, their feathers weren't just good for looks and dragon catching, as they also caught the air, slowing down their fall to a gentle float as they moved on to their next destination-- whatever that was.

~1031 words~
Silver is a chemical element with the symbol Ag (from the Latin argentum, "shiny" or "white") and atomic number 47.

okay but does this mean I have a melting point of 1763.2 °F

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Carina says...

Ah yes, the continuity of tagbooks is amazing. If you're too lazy to figure out what happened, allow me to summarize, dear leader.

"Who are you talking to?" Carina asked, licking her chaos-flavored ice cream cone that started to dribble in her hand because the heat from @FireEyes's fire glare was still pravelent.

Oh, nothing, Carina. It's just the voice of your head.

Carina shrugged. "Mm'kay. Carry on, then."

Anyways, what was I saying... Oh right. Tagbook continuity. Last time Big Br-- I mean, I posted, the squad had made it to the Trampoline Trough. @LittleLee made a scaly appearance and started to yeet up into the trampolines along with the many birds while everyone else gathered around @Spearmint's ice cream truck and ate chaos-flavored ice cream cones.

Then, all of a sudden, @ImaginativeAlice made an appearance with non-presidential D.C. troops and made it rain mushrooms that caused everyone to "sleep" before she mysteriously vanished, wanting to separate for some reason. Carina wanted to tell her that she couldn't put everyone to sleep because that was an OP Level 10 move, and everyone's magic had been nerfed to Levels <5 due to mysterious reasons, but she took a 5-second slow blink power nap, and she already disappeared. Oh well. Maybe they'd cross paths again.

Then @alliyah made a real appearance (codeword: real), and she went on to Big Brain™ and decode a blanket to reveal weasels, which meant they had to dress in feathers. How the two were connected is explained by chaos magic and poetry, but that was how the squad was now wearing a boas of randomly assorted feathers while listening to the beautiful symphony detailed from @SilverNight's post.

Also, @YeOldeYorick randomly made an appearance and spat out nonsense, but no one really knows who that guy is, and he then yeeted away into another dimension, probably the same place where Elon Musk and Buddy the Elf are. Luckily, @whatchamacallit didn't need extra brain cells to decode the nonsense, and she figured out that they were supposed to get to some smoky bay. For some reason, the group thought it would be a great idea to fly there using the trampoline despite what happened to the others, and so here they were now -- flying across the sky.

"Hey, nice summary!" Carina said, somehow still holding the ice cream cone despite the raging winds. It was probably chaos magic. It always was.

I, the little voice of reason inside Carina's head, tipped my hat and disappeared, letting the post go back to the present.

Ah, right, the present.

Carina was stroking her chin, deep in thought, and activating the now-controlled voice of reason while her brain cells ran on 9000% Mega Mind power.

@alliyah said this one thing that I think is totally important in this tagbook, Carina thought as an air bubble formed over her head for everyone flying next to her to see the quote.

alliyah the chicken goblin wrote:If you want to find the dragon, you must purify your intentions by seeking him not for the point prize, or the glory, but for the good of the site!

I wonder if we can use this tagbook as a way to find Nate and change the site for the better?

Carina didn't have much time to think through the thought, because as they were flying through the air (we're going to ignore physics and pretend that they have infinite momentum to get to the destination), bats started to attack them profusely.

Bats? Where did bats come from? Fascinating.
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SantaYWS says...

Santa was not happy. He had been phoned from his home at the North Pole Pencil because he had to help Nate, but how did he respond?

@Nate got rid of the snowflake background, effectively canceling Christmas in July.

Like previously stated, Santa was not happy. His elves (including Buddy the Elf, who recently mysteriously disappeared) had been very hard at work compiling pixels to send across the YWS-globe, and now -- canceled! How was he supposed to send gifts? He didn't know.

He did know one thing, though. He was still supposed to protect @Nate, no matter the cost. After all, Nate wanted to be hidden, right? What would happen to the site if he were to mysteriously reappear? My, my... there would probably be another Dragon vs. Monkey war.

"You can do it, Batolph, and Batncer, and Baten!" Santa bellowed, holding on to his reins while his giant bats flew his sled across the sky.

That was right. Bats. He had to work on a budget now that the snowflakes disappeared, and that meant the reindeer had been cut from the scene. Maybe he could use the million points to not send gifts, but instead hire Rudolph, Prancer, and Vixen again, along with their other brethren.

In the distance, he could see the party of adventurers flying across the sky, harnessing the chaotic power of the trampolines from the trough to get to who-knows-where, but Santa didn't want to find out since they were getting closer to the mountains where Nate hibernated.

"BATS! ATTAAAAACK!" Santa bellowed, pointing at a bat army behind him.

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Carina says...



What is the purpose and drive of this tagbook?

Let's stop and rewind.

phpBB [media]

If a dragon you seek,
then don't make a peep
he'll hear you and eat you for dinner.
To find that ol dragon
you'll need to trick em!
Easily done by wearing a feather!

    When your intentions are pure,
    you don't lose anyone,
    they lose you:

      If you want to find the dragon,
      you must purify your intentions
      by seeking him not for the point prize,
      or the glory,
      but for the good of the site!

      but for the good of the site!

      but for the good of the site!

      but for the good of the site!

      but for the good of the site!

      but for the good of the site!

Although it may not seem like it, Santa's intentions are good and pure. However, to move forward in this tagbook, at least one of the following must happen:

(1) In honor of RP Month, the Storybook tab must be renamed to the Roleplay tab.


This is only a @Nate power, so if the dragon god is feeling benevolent with this magical change, then our players will be spared from the vicious bat attack. But since Nate is hidden, this may not happen. Which leads us to option two...

(2) At least five tagbook posts must be written that will use the power of Christmas in July to get past Santa.

With the power of chaos, each tagbook participant now wields the power of holiday cheer. You may have to endure bat attacks for some minutes, but if you:

  • sing in poetic rhyme
  • hype the people tab with Christmas in July advertising coming up on the 25th
  • and spend 50 points to gift @Nate with a personalized message explaining that you are trying to find him in the tagbook

... then Santa will have a change of heart and decide to be on your side instead!

No amount of chaos or tagbook magic will change this fate, so stretch your fingers and get to writing -- YWS depends on you!
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"It suddenly struck me that that tiny pea, pretty and blue, was the Earth. I put up my thumb and shut one eye, and my thumb blotted out the planet Earth. I didn't feel like a giant. I felt very, very small."
— Neil Armstrong