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Finding Nate the Dragon

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Sat Jul 03, 2021 2:51 pm
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soundofmind says...

While the rest of the tagbook adventurers went about their quest to find @Nate the dragon, @soundofmind was up to different things.

After the batter of the braincell with @veeren and @Carina, sound barely managed to get away, fleeing into the dark depths of the sea that stood between the Roleplay Kingdom and the dragon’s den. For weeks, she drifted on her back like and otter, staying afloat with her natural buoyancy and the gas in her stomach. The sun was harsh against her pale skin, and she could feel its sting weakening her as she drifted far, far off into the blue.

She held her hands together tightly at her chest - and like an otter might grasp a precious shell as a token of reward, she desperately held onto the single brain cell.

Yes, that’s right folks. Sound managed to get away with the lone braincell.

After hours of free floating on the water, sound finally hit land, washing up onto sandy shores with shaky breaths as she finally dared to unclasp her hands and look at the treasure she held.

There it was. The braincell she’d fought so hard for. It was like a shining ball of light, and as she stared at it, the light coalesced into the shape of a ring. For a moment, glowing words inscribed themselves on the outer band.

Wisdom doth come to the young and the free. Whom weareth this braincell says poopoopeepee.

Sound crawled further up the sandy beach, captivated by the ring in her hands.

She could feel the power. The braincell ring of power.

“Mmmmmmyes,” she said with an unsettling smile. ”My prescious.”

With Nate the dragon forgotten as the braincell ring consumed her mind, she hurried to the base of the mountain in search of a hiding place where her and the ring could stay forever.
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Sat Jul 03, 2021 4:06 pm
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InuYosha says...

Spoiler! :

That one banana fired from a trigger-happy buffoon on the mighty Carina's ship must have affected InuYosha's mental health badly, because he suddenly can't remember what's happening.

"Help?" asks InuYosha to no one in particular, "Can someone explain what's going on? If something's going on at all?"
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Sat Jul 03, 2021 5:15 pm
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Seirre says...

whatcha had watched @Liminality infer from a @Carina-sent rickroll that the poets were needed in Candy Cane Forest, first hand -- and yet, she was completely unsure how Lim had arrived at this conclusion. It seemed on-par with the type of logic necessary to communicate coherently with Carina though, she had to admit.

She had never noticed @alliyah slip away, but she must have at some point, because now alliyah slipped back, surreptitiously carrying appeared to be a hand-knitted blanket. whatcha considered asking about the blanket but was distracted by the incessant drone of Never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down. "LIM! Can you turn that thing off, for goodness sake?"

"Oh yep, of course," they responded, with what sounded almost like disappointment. They didn't actually turn off the message, though, they just turned the volume down. Lovely. Though whatcha supposed it did make a kind of epic soundtrack for their adventure.

@waywardxwallflower perched themself on the white picket fence and swung their legs energetically. "So, are we just gonna like, go to the Candy Cane Forest? Or should we bring some recruits along?"

whatcha pursed her lips thoughtfully. "Hmm, we could stop by the main square on our way there and see if we can find any poets willing to join us. Last time I visited the poetry tab I saw @Willard, @silented1, and @GirlWithATypewriter chilling there." She paused pensively. "In fact, what better way to find recruits than with a literary work?" In a truly entrepreneurial spirit, whatcha quickly edited an old work and bumped it in the publishing centre for visibility purposes. She waved it around triumphantly: [AD!] Looking For: Poets Willing To Venture On A Thrilling Adventure

@kattee shook her head. "Really whatcha? The waiver is redacted?"
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Sat Jul 03, 2021 5:22 pm
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silented1 says...

*groans and falls over.* too old, leave me out of this.
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Sat Jul 03, 2021 5:40 pm
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ShadowVyper says...

Shady had absconded with the brain cell and was laughing when she listened to @soundofmind, @veeren, and @Carina fighting over it -- but then, all of a sudden, sound sprang away with it and began what could only be described as a concerning aside.

Her brain came to a screeching halt as rina aggressively thought in Shady's direction.

If you can hear my thoughts, send me a dank meme. Through my brain. In your next post. You know you want to.

"I know I want to," Shady repeated robotically, then flipped through her phone for her most recently saved meme.


She yelped in agony as her b transformed into MegaMind. This was too many brain cells for Shady. Shady had put all but one of her brain cells into her thesis, "One fish or two? Using DNA 2 tell u" -- and now was running on limited capacity. Of one brain cell. Forever.

She swatted away the nasty IQ points and decided she'd just get by with no brain cells at all.

That made this next move easier anyway.

An excuse, if you will, for this post making no sense whatsoever.

Shady braced their resolve and decided that they were going to go to the District of Community next, satisfied that @Spearmint could hold down the Literature Republic in her absence. And then, all of a sudden, @HarryHardy sprinted out of nowhere with a screech. "I MAY BE RP KING BUT I WAS REVIEW MASTER FIRST."

"Yes, yes, of course," Shady agreed. "Then you shall help Spearmint and @Carlito hold down the fort. I must needs charge off to my other home!"

Shady sprinted towards the shore. As she approached, she decided to break continuity to yoink @InuYosha into the cult, erm, fun.

"Yoshi, sweet Yoshi," Shady said, grabbing their arm and yanking them into the water. "This is a tagbook, you see?"

"I see nothing," Yoshi said krabbily.

"That's because your eyes are closed!" she splashed water at their face. "But, basically, we're telling this chaotic story, right? You should like that."

"Choas cadete!" they shouted.

"Yes, choas cadete!" Shady agreed. "So your mission, cadet, is to tag as many people in your post as you can. You yeet the story forward -- however little sense your post may or may not make -- and tag others. Capiche?"

Is that how that was spelled?

Was that even a word?

The world may never know.

"So," Yoshi said. "I just write a post, be silly, and tag a bunch of people while I'm doing it?"

"Yes! You gots this. Gud job, cadete," Shady said. "Now c'mon, on to the District of Community! It has been silent from over there and we need to find out why!"

With that she grabbed Yoshi's arm and dragged them deeper into the water.

An ocean sunfish was waiting for them.

It turned sideways and together they rode it like a surf board on a singular wave all the way to the distant shore.

"@CaptainJack! @Tuckster! @mellifera!" Shady shouted. "Where are you??? @Hattable? @Tenyo? @BluesClues? @PenguinAttack? @Rydia? I know you all love community! Come join us!"

She wandered around.

"Is that a wild @Meshugenah that I see?" Shady asked, intent on tagging all of the admins on the site. "@Snoink! Come join us! You know you want to."

Shady looked around shiftily, wondering if she had the guts to draw the attention of the dragon himself. She lowered her voice and whispered. "@Nate?"

575 words
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Sat Jul 03, 2021 6:07 pm
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SilverNight says...

How had it not occurred to anyone that the candy cane forest was full of yummy snacks?

Seriously, everyone. Why bother going dragon-hunting when you could have a lifetime supply of candy? Dragons aren’t as sweet and tasty as candy canes, so you’ve got to figure out your priorities!

Or are they? It’s not like there’s much data on dragon cuisine, for obvious reasons. Some scientific research was in order, although Silver probably shouldn’t suggest that to the others. They’d be upset if their quest for glory was dragged off-course like that. Until further evidence to the contrary, Silver would assume that dragons were not sucrose-based.

The author hasn’t had breakfast yet and would like to apologize for the effects of chaos magic and her hunger on the previous paragraphs. That took a weird turn. Let’s pretend that never happened.

Back to the story!

Once she’d lost Crow #7 to another letter sent by @Carina to the Poetry Plaza and didn’t have to travel there anymore, Silver began to nibble on one of the candy canes that had rained from the sky to chase her woes away. Now she was down to only twenty-one crows. Why did she have to lose them, one by one? This was a tragic story for her indeed. If @Liminality and @whatchamacallit didn’t send her crows back once this was all over, she’d have to have the crows carry her all the way to Poetry Plaza. That was a long flight, and now that she was missing two birds, she was a little nervous about attempting that. Maybe @Plume would give her more birds for her troubles.

But once @FireEyes had melted the candy cane forest ahead, Silver’s dream of lurking here and snacking on peppermint until her crows came back had just gone down in flames.

“Aw, come on,” she complained. “Is nothing going well for me in this tagbook?”

“Don’t worry, I hear there’s gumdrops ahead,” @Valkyria said.

Silver’s eyes lit up in excitement.

@Vincian, meanwhile, was updating @InuYosha on recent developments. “The banana must’ve hit you pretty hard, huh?” he said, shooting a look at Carina and @veeren. “Well, after that happened, we teleported to the candy cane forest and we’re now burning our way through it.”

“I don’t know what a banana is,” veeren protested, but his claim was a little weak since he and Carina were both eating a banana split.

“Where did you even get that?” Fire asked.

“Chaos magic and plot convenience,” Carina replied. “It’s great for random snacks.”

Silver decided she should hang out with Carina more often.

“Um, wait, I just remembered we’ve been under attack for this whole conversation,” Valkyria said. “By candy goblins.”

“Yeah, and the person who was defending us just had to go,” Vincian said, watching @HarryHardy yeet off towards the Literature Republic. The sound of potatoes hitting their targets faded into the distance as Harry eventually got too far away to use his potato cannon. “Maybe we should do something about this situation?”

Fire shrugged. “Hmm. Alright. I guess we have to if the plot’s going to move forward.”

Speaking of plot, Yoshi had also yeeted off to a certain @ShadowVyper’s location. Silver wasn’t sure how she knew this, but she did. Carina might have said that was plot convenience too.

Now, the candy goblins, wiping away the last remains of mashed potatoes from where they’d been hit, had been slowly advancing on them all this time. Very slowly, actually. Perhaps it was because they couldn’t move very fast, but it was more likely that they were being polite enough to give their opponents some time to rally their forces, or maybe they just felt extra dramatic that day. Maybe the author was making them move slowly in her post so that the crew could defeat them more easily. That might or might not have been a confession. Wow, there’s a lot of plot convenience here.

“Uh, what are these things anyway?” veeren asked. “Are they dangerous? What do they do? Why are they even in this story?”

“Ask Harry, I guess,” Silver said, as the goblins kept inching forward, getting closer but far away enough for them to have this conversation.

“But he’s gone, and you’re the one writing this post,” Vincian said.

“I am?” Silver cried excitedly. “Well, why didn’t you say so? I want jelly bean boulders to fall from the sky and save us!”

For whatever reason, her wish was granted, and jelly beans the size of beach balls began to fall on the goblins. These were a tad heavier than potatoes, and so the goblins ran around in circles and scattered, fleeing from the promise of sugary destruction. When it was all over, the jelly bean boulders rolled away too, leaving the road clear again. Well, except for melted candy cane, but we’re deciding that’s not a big deal.

“Oh, hey, look! Our banana splits are finished and that means we can move on.” Carina popped the cherry in her mouth and dusted herself off. “Perfect timing, if you ask me.”

Crow #3 cawed in agreement.

~824 words~
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Sat Jul 03, 2021 8:54 pm
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Omni says...

Reinforcements had arrived!

@whatchamacallit, @Liminality, @Plume, and of course, the Chicken Lord herself, @alliyah, somehow decoded @Carina's horrific message and figured out they were needed at the edge of the Candy Cane forest. Which, thank the YWS overlords because Vincian didn't really know where the plot was going anymore and his brain was slowly being fried by being around @Carina, like she was sucking his perfectly ample amount of brain cells, thank you very much.

@whatchamacallit looked at the massive, burnt hole in the forest in abject horror as the new poetry reinforcements caught themselves up with the wibbly wobbly timey wimey plot that has happened so far.

@whatchamacallit walked over to Vincian. "I've sent out a call through the lands for more poetry recruits to aid us in this adventure."

"But, for now, this is all we've got." Vincian stared at the candy cane forest. "Don't mind the cheery exterior. That forest took my family from me. We can't underestimate it."

"Really?" @SilverNight asked, butting into the conversation.

"No, but I'm raising the stakes."

All of a sudden, dozens of wooden stakes popped up around the edge of the forest, with only a small gap where @FireEyes left an opening for them to cross. Hopefully Literature Republic and District of Community will be able to meet them at the end of the forest.

"It's time."

Hesitantly, Vincian stepped into the Candy Cane Forest.

234 words
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Sat Jul 03, 2021 9:45 pm
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InuYosha says...

Yoshi followed @ShadowVyper along as the latter was summoning forth many different people.

"I'm hungry," said Yoshi, sitting down on the ground.

"Go figure it out yourself," replied Shady, but Yoshi had better plans. He laughed evilly and threw a heavy stone at Shady's head. How Yoshi managed to pick up the stone is not important. @Carina would say it was merely plot convenience.

Shady, however, saw this coming and used @ChesTacos as a shield, "Didn't see THAT coming, did you?"

Yoshi snatched Ches away and ate him.


Suddenly, the battle music from Pokemon blasted around. The grass became blocky and the trees disappeared. In front was . . . a wild @SpunkyKitty! The evolved form of spunkyspacekitty! Possibly, the next form could be . . . KITTY!

Yoshi pulled out a pokeball, "Go . . . @veeren!"

After a red flash of light came out of the pokeball, a confused veeren appeared.

Wherever veeren was previously, Yoshi had no idea, but he did remember that Carina had caught veeren with a pokeball during the nanawars.

"veeren!" screamed Yoshi, "Use Cannonana!"

With the might of a clever pokemon move name, veeren exploded with yellow light and shot out multiple bananas toward the SpunkyKitty.

A weird voice appeared, saying "Super effective!"

"Huh?" Yoshi cocked his head and shrugged.

SpunkyKitty responded by shooting a beam of @Lightsong, and singing protons began to accumulate around veeren, destroying his ears and his eyes.

Thankfully, Yoshi used a @MomoMajesty potion to turn veeren into a flying lemur-monkey, which doesn't make sense at all, but it's for plot convenience.

SpunkyKitty then fainted from the powerful flying-lemur-monkey-ness of veeren.

"That's a long evolution chain," comments Shady, "First veeren, then nanaveer, then veerange, then veerango, then veermato, and now flying-lemur-monkey-veer-avatar-reference."

"May I dare call the mighty dragon?" asks Yoshi.

Shady responds ruefully, "Unfortunately, the dragon is still slumbering, but you may call."

"Sorry for disturbing you, mighty dragon @Nate! We hope you have a merry Chrismas!" Yoshi screams.

"It's July, you nincompoop," veeren sniffs.

"Oh, whoops!" Yoshi laughs at his own mistake.

"Merry Thanksgiving!" Yoshi screams.
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Sun Jul 04, 2021 12:48 am
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BluesClues says...

BluesClues heard @ShadowVyper's distant shout, but, being old and tired, continued rocking and knitting rather than responding.

No matter how the search for Nate the Dragon turned out, one thing was certain: not a single YWSer would be left without a knitted hat, socks, or blanket by the end of it if BluesClues had anything to say about it.

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Sun Jul 04, 2021 12:03 pm
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HarryHardy says...

Harry arrived at the Literature Republic in what he assumed was somewhere near the castle of the Knights of the Green Room, at least he hoped that was the place. He hadn't actually bothered to take more than a passing glance at the map so there was no way to actually confirm if he was in fact at the right place. Soon, he spotted it was indeed the right place as he could make out @ShadowVyper, still alive and well, the rumors that detailed otherwise were completely false. For some reason Harry was screeching something as he arrived, although he had definitely not authorized his vocal cords to make any sort of sound remotely close to a screech. He shrugged that off and continued as ShadowVyper gave him orders to hold down the fort along with @Spearmint and @Carlito. He stood guard until ShadowVyper was out of sight and immediately decided he'd held the fort down for long enough. It was time to try and get the Knights of the LIterature Republic down to the Roleplay Fleet, whether he could still call them a fleet now that everyone was on land was something he didn't think about. As far as he could remember, those were the orders that he had received, not to mention that running back towards the path that led to the dragon and the potentially fake one million points definitely seemed a lot more appealing than standing guard at the fort for the moment.

He turned to yeet back in the direction he'd come before he realized that he was supposed to be going back with the knights in tow. He turned and snapped his fingers, ensuring that some form of appropriately dramatic and uplifting music was playing. He quickly grabbed a glass of water out of the air and drank it to clear his throat. He made sure that everything he was wearing looked appropriately epic for doing some sort of uprising speech that always seemed to get people to follow someone else into battle for whatever random cause was convenient at the moment. He even conjured up a mirror to experiment with various dramatic hair flips but just as he'd just about figured out the version that he wanted to go with, he realized this was a tagbook, there was absolutely no need to make a dramatic uprising speech, he could just yeet everyone back to the candy cane forest and call it a day and save the perfect hair flip combo for another situation.

With that realized, he yeeted them all back to where they'd come from and Harry appeared at the side of the rest of the roleplay crew, or slightly behind, where he proceeded to immediately slip on a banana peel and fall flat on his face. Well, that ruined his dramatic entrance. Getting up quickly to cover that up, he decided to take the banana as a sign from chaos queen @Carina that his mission had been a success. He smiled at everyone gathered there. @SilverNight, @Vincian and @veeren were all definitely in front of him. He wasn't entirely sure where @soundofmind had vanished of to, nor could he be sure if he'd arrived before or after the reinforcements from the poetry plaza so whether @whatchamacallit, @Liminality, @Plume and Chicken Lady @alliyah were in front of him was upto the author of the next post...*cough*...were upto the great keepers of continuity that appeared to currently be on a long vacation.

"Hello, everyone, I have returned, and I brought some friends," said Harry. He gestured to Spearmint, Carlito, @MailicedeNamedy and @ImaginativeAlice. "The Knights of the Literature Republic as requested by, one of you guys, I don't remember who gave me that order. Also, I see the candy goblins still remain without descriptions and also appear to have finished. That's good to see. "

640 words
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Sun Jul 04, 2021 3:59 pm
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FireEyes says...

With all the chaos of everyone moving to different area, the fight for the braincell, and the chaos messages being sent, she had no idea where she was. She thought she was probably still in the candy cane forest, but she was lost in her mind. After a few tagbook posts she finally gathered up enough courage to speak again after the horrid mistake she made.

Again she tugged at @Carina's sleeve and said, "Cariiiiiii so how do we get out of here? Are we just gonna get out with plot convenience or actually find a way out?"

"Well I suppose if we're going to be heading off to," Cari looked at the map, "The Fire Swamp we need to- oh wait."

"What is it?" @SilverNight asked with a mouth full of melted candy cane forest.

Everyone looked up at Cari and wondered what in the world was going on. Fire grabbed at map and took one glance. Cari's map was upside-down the whole time. That's what you get when you have chaos magic, you can read words even when they're upside-down.

"So you're telling me," Fire started, "That the Candy Cane Forest wasn't the place we're supposed to be. And According to the map if we got out of here, we would immediately be stepping foot into The Fire Swamp. Don't you guys only know that Buttercup and Westly survived that thing? I suppose the only thing we could avoid getting killed by is the ROUSes. @veeren would scare 'em off good."

@Vincian became apprehended and a little green flame hovered over his head. "Must have been some adventure we've had, going in the wrong direction," he murmured.

"Okay, we were wrong, where do we need to go now?" @Valkyria inquired.

"Looks like we now need to go to The Trampoline Trough. Lets go." Fire lead the way but then became quickly aware that she does not like to lead so she gave the map back to Carina but made sure she was reading the map correctly. "Hey Cari, could you make sure that right before we get into The Trampoline Trough you send a message to @soundofmind that I want the braincell back after this whole endeavor. It's a joined braincell with my friend. She lives on the Hangouts Islands, so not a part of our country. Maybe one day I'll get her to get split citizenship."

"Okay. You just have to remind me before I go bouncing all over the place after having a few hundred licks of the candy canes that we're melted."
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Sun Jul 04, 2021 4:42 pm
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Liminality says...

Lim was standing directly behind @HarryHardy, hoping he wouldn't notice her due to the limits of human peripheral vision, when she heard @FireEyes mention The Trampoline Trough. At this moment, Lim was holding @SilverNight's crow in her hands. It was a nice crow, with shiny eyes, and Lim wasn't keen to let it out of her sight. And so her hands stayed where they were.

She looked around at the melted candy cane forest. Those poor chubby bunnies. How would they ever live now? Lim had a back-up plan in the eventuality that @Carina misread a map and led them around in circles, and that back-up plan was the eighteen packets of trail mix she kept in her satchel. However, chubby bunnies were not capable of making back-up plans, and that made her sad.

"I'm so sad," she muttered aloud, "that I'm almost forgetting the ranger procedure for cleaning up melted sugar out of the way when candy cane trees burn down. What was it again? I seem to remember it involved bananas and peanut butter, maybe peanut butter and bananas."

She sat down on the floor, looked up at the sky and sighed. A @Plume-shaped cloud was floating by. "Ah right. I've also forgotten I can use magic instead of those decade-old procedures."

Lim got up and summoned a vacuum-trunked elephant to eat the melted candy. Vacuum-trunked elephants had high metabolisms, and ate cotton candy constantly in the cotton candy forest to survive. Satisfied that the elephant would not contract any diseases from candy-overeating, Lim turned back to stare at the crow in her hands, remaining in the same position she had been when this post started.

"Hello @Valkyria," Lim intoned. "Sorry about the candy, but it's probably better this way. If one takes away from nature one must give back. Otherwise nature will sprout wings and horns, and flail around like a @soundofmind being tossed about by their friends."

321 words

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Sun Jul 04, 2021 7:41 pm
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Spearmint says...

After being yeeted to the cleaned-up candy cane cforest by @HarryHardy, mint blinked a couple times and looked around at the crowd. "Wow, there's tons of people here! Ooh, and since it's probably been at least, like, five tagbook posts since anyone other than @SilverNight or @Liminality's elephant has eaten anything, what do you all say to some ice cream? :D" (If you're wondering how mint can speak in emoticons, it's a chaos/tagbook/ice-cream magic thing >.>)

Anyways, mint attempted a cool snap of her fingers to summon her ice cream truck. She, uh, half-succeeded, and the truck landed with a disgruntled honk (unfortunately, it flattened a couple of the stakes @Vincian had raised, but at least the stakes weren't alive! ...right?). >.> Ahem. Back to the truck... It beeped in morse code for a few seconds, and mint looked nervously around at the others as she said, "Sorry, just a minute!" and tapped on the truck with a response. After a couple minutes of intense tapping and facial expressions (truck: >:( mint: :} ), mint sighed in relief and announced, "Okay, so there's still ice cream! ^^' But my truck here says it's tired of being summoned everywhere, and it, um, wants a vacation to spend more time with its other vehicle friends, so I'm afraid it can only give us a ride about halfway to The Trampoline Trough. But you all have teleportation and chaos magic and stuff, so that shouldn't be a problem, right?"

@Carina shrugged and looked at @FireEyes. "Well, as long as Fire can keep supplying braincells, we should be fine..."

Silver added, "If all else fails, I might be able to get my crows to carry some of us there." She held crow #19 and petted it fondly.

@Carlito briefly glanced up from where she was noveling on a laptop. "But don't forget to call in Literature reinforcements too!"

"Oh right!" mint thought for a few moments. "Hey @Rosewood, would you like to try some rosewater-saffron ice cream? And @MayCupcake, I think we have chocolate-cupcake flavored ice cream somewhere... How about @AshlynPhoenix? Maybe spicy apple ice cream? Hmm, and dare I tag... the great @KotGRCommander? <.< >.>"

mint shifted her focus to the People tab for a bit and decided to tag ywsers from there too and bribe them with ice cream to join the tagbook. "@lillianna or @MaybeAndrew, you up for an adventure? @hannah0528, @LittleLee, @rida-- wanna join the chaos? :D"

mint was about to check the Green Room for more potential recruits, when suddenly the @Plume-shaped cloud Lim had noticed grew larger... no wait, the cloud wasn't getting bigger; it was getting closer! @Valkyria squinted up at it and asked, "Is that... is that a flock of marshmallow birds?"

@whatchamacallit gasped. "Marshmallow birds?!"

Dun dun duuunn! xD Okay seriously, this author has no idea where this is going now, so I'll pass the burden of plot onto whoever's next...

(485 words)
mint, she/her =D

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Sun Jul 04, 2021 11:33 pm
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soundofmind says...


Sound didn’t hear the telepathic message through the thick walls of the mountain, and even if she could, she didn’t want to. The ring of braincells was calling to her. Consuming her. It was all she could think about or be. It gave her power to sustain her.

“Mine. Mine. Mine!” she hissed as the whispers tickled her ears.
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Sun Jul 04, 2021 11:51 pm
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Seirre says...

whatcha hadn't been able to get a word in edge-wise in this chaos. Well, that wasn't entirely accurate -- other authors had been getting in words on behalf of whatcha, and it was whatcha saying the dialogue, but she wasn't in control of what she was saying. Which honestly sounded a bit like the plot to some horror story, she realized belatedly. But she quickly brushed that thought off. There were no villains in this tagbook. Like, @Carina definitely had no sinister motives whatsoever.

All of the sudden, @SilverNight came rushing at whatcha. "My love! How I missed you!"

whatcha eyed her skeptically. "Woah, woah, SilverNight, we're barely on a nickname basi--"

But Silver went sprinting past whatcha and slid to her knees in front of -- oh, of course. Crow #4, the one who had given whatcha a headache from landing so aggressively in her hair. "Poor taste," whatcha muttered under her breathe. But you really can't pick your soulmate, can you.

As those two had a joyful reunion, whatcha tried to take in the scene. @Liminality's pet elephant had just finished cleaning up all the melted candy cane goop. @FireEyes had briefly taken charge, but had given command back to @Carina -- a questionable choice, whatcha thought, watching FireEyes give Carina a map and Carina flipping it over so she was looking at the blank back.

"Hey, hey, didn't @looseleaf make a map of Yewis?" whatcha interjected, running to catch up to the group that was heading off determinedly to who knows where. "Maybe she could offer up some cartography skills," she continued, sneakily flipping the map around again for Carina while Carina gazed off, glazy-eyed, into the distance.

Carina brushed her off, still seemingly hypnotized by the horizon. "Can't spell cartographers without 'chaos', chacha dear friend."

"I -- okay, then." whatcha suddenly remembered that she had noticed marshmallow birds in the previous post and that it had seemed like an important plot point at the time. "AAAAH!" she screamed, as the birds descended in a horde of white.

@Plume bravely climbed up to the top of one of the few remaining candy cane trees and yelled into a megaphone that had been conjured out of nowhere. "Never fear, dear citizens of Yewis! I am one with the feathered creatures!"

She began a negotiation with the marshmallow birds, which involved both conflict and resolution, much like in the clip below.
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Finally they seemed to reach a conclusion with the birds. They lifted the megaphone back to their lips, and proclaimed proudly, "The birds can fly us the second half of the way to The Trampoline Trough!" She paused briefly and quickly added in a rush of syllables, "and we might need to pay them back with unspecified compensation, but we can disperse that cloud when we get to it."
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"You, who have all the passion for life that I have not? You, who can love and hate with a violence impossible to me? Why you are as elemental as fire and wind and wild things..."
— Gone With the Wind