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The Sisterhood Syndicate

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Thu Apr 01, 2021 4:43 am
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Nyla says...

The Sisterhood Syndicate

A Disney Princess Storybook


You are a Disney princess: daring, beautiful, adventurous, and absolutely fabulous. Life’s pretty good. Maybe you’ve got a prince, or you’re happily single. You have the adoration of your kingdom or community. You don’t have a lot of friends—unless we’re counting your cute animal sidekick, or those singing birds and mice that love you so much—but hey, it’s cool. You’re too busy for friends anyway.


A crisis strikes. Suddenly your homeland is under attack by evil forces: a collection of villains, including some you’ve met before. But they’re not just attacking your homeland—this time, they’re going after the whole world. A miracle is needed, some group of heroes who can take on the challenge and save the day. But who?

You don’t have long to ponder the question: you’re summoned, suddenly, by a mysterious figure known only as WD. He tells you that you’re the hero. It’s up to you to stop the cabal of villains. Because you, he says, are special: you represent something larger than yourself, a key ingredient needed to be a hero. And there are others just like you, each with their own abilities, their own element of heroism.

There’s Belle, who represents knowledge; Cinderella, who represents hope; Mulan, who represents strength; Tiana, who represents determination; Rapunzel, who represents resilience; Ariel, who represents sacrifice; Merida, who represents bravery; Moana, who represents exploration; Snow White, who represents empathy; Elsa, who represents independence; Anna, who represents love; Aurora, who represents dreams; and Jasmine, who represents rebellion. Together, you will be an unstoppable force, able to thwart the villains and purge the world of evil. Together, you can take on anything.

Welcome to the Sisterhood Syndicate, where the Disney princesses team up to save the world. The question is… which princess are you?

It’s the Disney princesses you know and love, but dropped in a story reminiscent of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic (with a touch of Charlie’s Angels). Besides the princesses, the villains of their movies will also be returning to team up and wreak havoc—a group which includes Ursula, Jafar, Gaston, Hans, Lady Tremaine, Maleficent, Dr. Facilier, Mother Gothel, Shan Yu, the Evil Queen and more, all brought together (and—in some cases—brought back to life) by a supremely powerful being known only as Iger. The princes will also make appearances, but full disclosure, they’re mostly house-husbands in this—it’s their wives who’ll be saving the day.


Snow White: @SirenCymbaline
Cinderella: @SirenCymbaline
Aurora: @Plume
Ariel: @Horisun
Belle: @JoyDark
Jasmine: @Nyla
Rapunzel: @rida
Merida: @MustachesAndSwords
Elsa: @MomoMajesty
Moana: @rida
Raya: @Spearmint

To join, please visit the OOC thread and claim your spot (and your princess!).
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