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Children of The Sky

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Wed Jun 12, 2019 5:14 pm
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hiraeth says...

Children of The Sky


Faraway in a multiverse, in a land called Caelum, King Adrion was was not pleased. One tiny detail had derailed his plans. One small object he didn't yet have. Oh yes, he was very unhappy. And he wanted everyone else to be so too. Sadly, he couldn’t control that.

He would be able to, though. Very soon. Just one, tiny thing missing.

But he couldn’t get it on his own. No, he was too old. He needed those manlings. Those children. Those abominations that called themselves actual people.

But how could he get them to do it? They couldn’t know the truth. Ha! What a laughable idea. No, the search had to be disguised. And they needed to be motivated.

He knew what he needed to do.


You are a Puer ad Aetheres, a Child of the Sky. You were born with special abilities that allowed you to join a special group of children. A group of children only, because with age, your abilities fade. You travel the skies in airships, and no, not just because of the fun or the view.

For in the clouds of Caelum, there are castles.

These castles house the strangest things – things of magic, precious metal, jewels, high-level weapons and even ordinary stuff. Some are abandoned, some are inhabited, and some are very, very dangerous.

Things get more interesting when King Adrion calls you and the rest of your group to a mission. He’ll give you a clue: a clue that, once solved, will take you to a sky castle, where you’ll find another clue that’ll take you to another castle, and so one, until you reach the prize. Once you hand it over to the king, you’ll get a payment of 20,000 gold numus.

Of course, there’s a catch. There’s always another person searching for the treasure, right? This is your rival group – and they want the prize money as much you do.

Can you lead your team to victory?

teams, charcater sheet, etc:
Spoiler! :

The teams:

Wind Weavers: 4 members (name and number not fixed)

Sky Scrapers: 4 members (name and number not fixed) - 1 member is the prince.

Abilities are purely athletic: super-strong, super-flexible, anti-gravity, and so on. Powers like being able to sense metal and different types of stones and other abilities is allowed. No stuff like mind control, elementalism, telekinesis, yada yada yada.

Character sheet

Code: Select all
Alias:(the nickname you chose for yourself based on your power)
Age: (between 15-20)
Backstory: (optional)
Weapon: (specify whether magical or non-magical)
Up for Love (and orientation): (yes/no/maybe)

*as many of you might have noticed, this storybook is based off Five Kingdoms by Brandon Mull, but needn't have read it to participate :)

**for the someone who's choosing to be the prince, backstory is necessary. whether your team mates know you are the prince or not is up to you.


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