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Thu Mar 14, 2019 2:21 am
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Europa says...

Spoiler! :
I take full responsibility for any typos my over-excited brain didn't want to proofread for.

The Purehearts.
You don't know how the cult came to be, nor anything about it's (Former) leader, known only as Father to you and the rest of the children like you, only that it has been your only true home for a long time. You were an orphan when the Purehearts found you. As far as you were told, it was a merciful rescue, to take a young child from the clutches of a cruel world to become part of a whole. To groom them to serve a greater purpose.
The abilities they gave you years before were a divine gift, and later, when your training was complete and your full power was realized, you would be the furious storm that cleansed the Earth, paving the way for them, God's chosen few. It was for this purpose you had been working towards your true strength, a second ability locked deep inside of yourself until you reached the epitome of your power.
Many of the children began to unlock them as the years crawled on, and at first it was a cause for celebration, but then you noticed these same children begin to change, becoming more reckless, shockingly rebellious, and most of all, terrifyingly viscous. Later, this transformation would be termed by the other children as going Grim.
The Purehearts didn't see any cause for concern. After all, what they needed from your kind was ferocity, and they'd always been able to handle spurts of willfulness with their crushing force.
They never saw the attack coming.
The Grim children organized so secretly, not even most of the other children suspected anything. When they struck, it was clear to everyone the Purehearts didn't stand a chance. After Father was killed, those of his followers who had survived the slaughter and were still able to escape the compound with their lives went into hiding. In no more than a single night, the Grim children had gained full control of the Purehearts. The leader, an older boy who insisted on being called only by his first name, Onyx, announced their mission would be different from now on. Your unease at his words were only elevated when he refused to give any answers as to what his plans were. Although he acted benevolent, you couldn't shake the feeling that whatever he intended to do was something awful. You didn't stay long afterwards.
Since your escape, you've found others who had your same idea after that change in leadership. You've been sticking with each other for months now, watching each other's backs and waiting with baited breath for Onyx and his new order of Purehearts to make their first move. None of you know when or what it will be, but you feel it looming now more than ever. You know whatever it is they have planned is fast approaching, and when it happens, your life will once again change forever.

Rules and Character Sheet

Spoiler! :
1. Keep romance and language PG
2. Try to stay active in the DT
3. I highly doubt this will be an issue, but please respect your fellow writers
4. No god-modding
5. In the interest of power balancing, check with me if you have an idea for a character who already has their secondary power unlocked.

Character Page
Spoiler! :
Code: Select all

Age: (Between 16-18)





Main Power:

Secondary Power: (You have the option to unlock it later if you so choose)




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Sun Mar 24, 2019 2:33 am
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Europa says...


I was starting to get tired of driving. Well, not driving exactly, since I didn't have my hands on the wheel or my feet on the pedals. I was sort of sitting cross-legged in the driver's seat, that was so much more comfortable. The old RV drifted into an exit, the steering wheel turning on its own. Earlier that day I'd picked the nearest town on the GPS and told it to take us there. It must have been the millionth time I'd counted my lucky stars the GPS on this old rust machine still worked, because if I had to be the one to navigate we'd probably have driven straight to disaster in the first ten minutes.

For a while, all there was were a bunch of cars and more road. I think I might have started to nod off when I heard the sirens.

"Betsy, Pull over!" As soon as I gave the order the RV's steering wheel jerked in the other direction and we idled on the side of the road as an old pickup truck shot by, followed by two or three police cars.

"Don't tell me you actually named this thing." It was Yohan who had spoken up, I could tell mostly by the pinch of boredom that constantly laced his words. I turned around to look at the back cabin.
"Should I not have?" I shook my head. Now was not a time to feel self-conscious. "Betsy, floor it. We're going after those guys."

As Betsy began to accelerate I saw Daniel straighten in the top mirror. "I don't think that's a good idea, Jack. I mean, do we really want to risk the police seeing us?"

"Sorry, can't hear you over the radio!" I shouted the last word, and it clicked on with a small punch of static before picking up a station and the twang of a banjo.

Almost heaven, West Virginia

A collective groan from the back as John Denver's voice rang out through the cabin.

"I don't control what comes on the radio!" Betsy finally began to pick up some speed, and the tail of the police cars began to grow closer. "Besides, it's a classic."

Blue Ridge Mountains, Shenandoah River

I couldn't help singing along under my breath as we began to gain on them. Someone leaned out of the passenger's side door holding what I already knew was a gun in front of him before he fired. I ordered Betsy to pull back a little, as one of the police cars swerved wildly. I couldn't see where the bullet had gone but I knew from the movement the car must have been hit.

Life is old there, older than the trees
Younger than the mountains, blowing like a breeze

"Jack, seriously!" Daniel piped up again. I could feel his anxiety nipping at me.

"It's alright. We can handle this!" I turned the volume up as he tried again to argue. "Please don't be mad at me..." I prayed under my breath. A few more shots from the passenger in the truck. Fortunately we were too far out of range for him to hit us. The passenger retreated back through the window and the pickup suddenly swerved into an exit. The police cruisers didn't even have time to react. They shot past and down the road as the song reached its chorus.

Country roads, take me home
To the place I belong
West Virginia, mountain mama
Take me home, country roads

I sang along loudly to drown out any objections as I directed Betsy to follow them. For a clunky old trailer, it was keeping good pace with them, probably because their truck was also large and beat up. We began to close the gap between us and drew up beside them.

as the chorus closed, I shouted "Ramming speed!" And Betsy ground into their side, pushing them to the shoulder and off the road.

All my memories-- I ordered the radio off and stopped as the truck skidded a couple more feet, tipped precariously on their side wheels, and then crashed back onto four. I looked over my seat at the back cabin, accounting for everyone.
Daniel, sitting with a death grip on the arms of his chair, check.
Ion, looking out the window at the truck, check.
Yohan, looking generally like he's done with the universe as usual, check.
Samira, who I may or may not have forgotten about for a hot second but was probably not thrilled with the soundtrack of the car chase judging on how she's looking at me right now, check. Everyone present and accounted for.

"So." Yohan rested his cheek against his fist. "We've already had a moderate to low-speed car chase set to the tune of Country Roads. What's the plan now?"

Ion didn't give me time to explain, once again, that what played on the radio was out of my scope of power.

"Uh...guys?" He was facing us, tugging nervously at his scarf. "Those guys are getting out of the car and they don't look very happy."

"Oh shoot. Right. Um...Betsy, lock the doors." The locks slammed shut with a clunk I thought for a quick moment. "Well. it wouldn't make sense to let them get away now. My vote is we beat the crap out of them."

Samira nodded. "I'll provide a distraction."

A gunshot cut the strategy session abruptly short and sent everyone to their feet. I jumped out of the driver's seat as Ion tumbled back. Daniel was already there, helping him up again. Thankfully, it looked like the bulled only grazed the fox ears he'd decided to sprout from his head that day. Two more shots broke through the window and sent the rest of us dropping below it's level.

"I'll take the gunman." Yohan looked determined in a way that always made me nervous.

"Yohan...I mean, no offense, but..." I nodded at the giant weight chained to his left wrist. "Are you sure you can swing your death yo-yo before he can pull the trigger?"

Yohan didn't say a word, just stared at me in a deadpan way that seemed to make his point oddly clear.

"I still think we should drive away." Daniel persisted.

"No one's going to force you to fight." Samira pointed out.

"Unless they drove away already." Ion pointing that out drove me back to my feet. The gunman was climbing into his pickup. I rushed to the door and unlocked it.

"Well, I'm going to stop them. Whether or not you come with, that's your choice." I jumped down into the grass, feeling relief bloom inside me as I heard four more pairs of feet drop down beside me. I looked back at them and grinned.

"Oh you guys are too easy. Anyway, let's kick some butt."

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Fri Mar 29, 2019 3:48 pm
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hiraeth says...


What was it with bad guys and old pickup trucks?

It was always the same old routine: sirens, the guns, bad guy shooting, and innocent bystanders. The only thing the movies overdid was that part where your hair blew out behind you as the speeding truck whisked by.

Of course, this was my life everyday.

We climbed out of Betsy (I do admire Jack's choice of names), and for purely the fun of it, I said, "Looks like someone's been a bad boy." I added a smile. Except I hadn't smiled in a while, so I think it was actually more of a grimace.

The gunman paused, tilted his head (classic), and surveyed us.

I admit, we weren't much to behold. A couple of teenagers, mismatched clothes.... while our gunman was, obviously, huge- bulging muscles, tattoos drawn from his neck to head in ugly patterns, a dozen or so rings on his face, shaved head, pale and at least seven feet tall.

"It would take me less than five minutes to break all two hundred bones in your bodies and deliver you six feet under, but I'm on a tight schedule," he said. "Jim! Get the engine going." He turned to face us one more time, "And oh, I really liked what you did to my truck. I feel like I should only return the favor." And he shot the left- front tire of our trailer.

Bad idea. We'd grown kind of attached to Betsy.

Yohan shot his yo-yo contraption at the man, who cursed and dropped to the ground.

Jim, from the truck, called, "Everything alright out there, Pyke?"

At the same time, Jack moved forward and gave him a couple of bashing punches on his head- though I could tell she was pulling them. We're pure hearts, not killers.

By then, our man - Pyke - had had enough. He swung his legs to trip Jack, and she fell. He got up and brought out his second gun (the first one had fallen away at my feet when Yohan had shot at him and I'd picked it up) and was about to shoot when a huge black bear knocked him down. Ion.

I skirted around the fight, to the pickup truck where Jim was. I didn't like guns, and hopefully, I'd be able to illusion him long enough to have him caged.

Jim had an earphone attached to his left ear, his head bobbing up and down. He sat up when he saw me coming.
"Yo, man, what took you so long?" he said
"Couple of kids on the hero streak. Got them knocked out, but they've got a pretty big trailer that's sure to have a couple of things we could sell. Come on out and give me some arms," I replied. I hoped I wasn't laying it too thick.

I had, of course, transformed myself to Pyke, and while I could imitate his voice just as easily, finding out how he talked was harder. Jim bought it though, and came out of the truck, quite eagerly.

I waited till he was in front of me before I hooked his arms behind him and held the gun to his head.
"You can scream. Your buddy won't come to help you," I said, real sinister and all. I changed back to the way I looked.

Jim, for his part, looked absolutely terrified, "'re-not p-pyke.....D-devilll!!!!" It was amusing, really. I had forgotten regular human folk weren't really aware about us.

"Well, if you want my honest opinion, Pyke could pass for a devil. But that's beside the point. I'll offer you a deal: I promise not to burn you in hell fire, you do what I say. Savvy?"

Jim nodded, way too enthusiastically.
"Well, then, MOVE!!!" I screamed. He scrambled to follow me, tripping over his legs in his rush. I was beginning to enjoy this.

The rest of the guys had Pyke down by now, he was pinned under Yohan.

Jim went down beside him after I gave him a swift kick to his legs, and Danny came up front.
"Do your magic, Dan," I said.

"You want to tell us what you were doing," Danny said(not a question). "You trust us. You feel like you could never lie to us."
I could feel the power in his voice, the way it rang around in the air. Jim and Pyke visibly relaxed, their shoulders slumped and breathing eased. A lazy, almost dazed smile said hi from their faces. They looked at us like we were long lost friends.

"Jim and Pyke?"
They looked up, their smiles growing wider.
"Uh.....looks like you're lost," Danny said, and I almost cringed. Terrible pickup line. "Do you want to tell us what you were doing?"

Pyke nodded his shaved tattooed head enthusiastically, almost like a three year old. "Following orders from clients. Delivering package."

"From whom? What package?"

"Oh you know, that crazy guy in the black and all. Looked like batman to me," he said, chuckling. "And we don't know nothing 'bout the package. Just that it's bloody heavy." Pyke said. Jim nodded and said, "I almost dislocated my shoulder carrying that Mjolnir to the tuck." Wow, two superhero references in a minute (albeit from rival comics). I wonder if they talked like that in normal life.

Trying to look casual, Jack said, "Where'd you pick it up?"

"A club down in Cheyenne."

If that information made any of us uneasy, none of us showed it. Cheyenne was the last know place of the Pure-hearts - or now, the Grims.

"That's probably all they know. I think it's time to knock them out," Danny whispered to us."We need to check the truck for this package they're talking about."

Yohan nodded, and stepped in their line of vision. The gunners looked up and said, "Hey, fella." Those were their last words before Yohan's cold fist knocked them to the ground. The succeeding crunching noise was probably nothing. They laid over each other, just as if they were sleeping.

We were just about to begin the hunt for the package - how small was it? - when we heard a low moan from the back of the truck.

We froze.

Our package was a person.

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Sun Mar 31, 2019 5:09 pm
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Europa says...


Over the past couple weeks, I'd gotten used to waking up someplace new every few days, from getting jumped in Miami where Nat and I decided to settle, then to what I assumed was a lady by the sound of her voice in what I assumed must have been the halfway point, to a pair of men at some hole-in-the-wall club at the point I'd lost all sense of location. All the time with my hands and feet zip tied, trapped inside the same body bag, biting down on some sour tasting rag they'd wedged into my mouth. And that's only what I remembered about being awake, which I was guessing wasn't often judging by how rapidly the changes went by for me.
It didn't take me too much thinking after I was first kidnapped to grasp what was going on. There was only one person who would go so out of his way to get to me, and the thought itself was enough to make me sick.

I was going back. They were bringing me back.

I felt panic rising inside me again and reminded myself to breathe. Grounding myself, I tried to get more of a sense of my situation. The car was silent. No loud voices or gunshots, and it wasn't moving. that either meant that they had both gotten out to refuel for some reason, or...
I heard the back door open. Even though I couldn't see through the dark fabric of the bag, I could sense the space being filled as people climbed in. There were definitely more than two. I shifted to see if I could pinpoint any other sounds, and couldn't keep back a groan as the plastic binding my wrists dug in deep, pressing into the skin that had split while I'd struggled. All noise stopped for a minute, then there were some whispers, and the zipper above my head began to open. I turned my face away as the sun shone in my eyes, squinting as they adjusted. When they did, I was staring up at a group of six kids, all looking about my age and vaguely familiar.

"Holy cow...Is that...?" It was one of the shorter kids who spoke first, a girl with a tumble of light brown hair. Not surprisingly, the group took a collective step back when they got a good look at me. It took her speaking to get me to realize where I'd seen their faces before. These were deserters, kids like me that had worked for the Purehearts, but left when Onyx overthrew their leader. Not long after that I realized the brown haired girl was the only one who didn't either look like they were waiting for me to blow something up or to get the chance to pound my face in. One of the kids, a small brick wall of a boy, started to come forward, but was stopped when a second boy held out his arm. He was looking at me with just about the same nervousness as most of them, but a bit less of the hostility.

"Wait." He glanced over at the rest of his group. "Guys, I don't think she's going to hurt us." I couldn't say anything with the gag trapping my tongue, but I nodded my agreement.

"Did your powers tell you that?" A third boy was standing on his toes at the back of the group. For some reason, there were what looked like fox ears springing from the top of his head.

The second boy looked a little less certain at that. ", but look at her."

"Daniel has a point." It was the brown haired girl. "I mean, why would she be here like this if she was still working for Onyx?"

I saw the second boy nod a little, but no one else looked very convinced. I can't say I blame them.

"Why don't we just ask her?" It was another girl who said it, this one with long dark hair and stunning green eyes. She knealt down in front of me and quickly untied the gag. I puffed out a little sigh as she pulled the foul-tasting thing away. "Alright," She scowled at me as she stood back up. "Talk."

'Talk.' Like she'd just walked out of some old crime show. I decided it was best to leave the cliche alone, and do what she said.

"I cut ties with Onyx months ago. Snuck out one night, and didn't go back." I lifted my bound hands a little "Obviously he wasn't big on the idea."

"Onyx did this to you?" The brown haired girl's eyes darted around, like he might be standing behind any one of them.

"Not himself, but I'm willing to bet he was the one who sent people after me. Listen," I made sure to keep the desperation out of my voice and face. Looking around, I tried to find the easiest one of them to convince, and settled on the boy they'd called Daniel. "I don't want him catching up with me any more than you do. All I need is my legs cut loose. Then I promise I'll walk away and you'll never have to see me again."

An agonizing moment where he thought about it, then he nodded to himself. "I'll get some scissors."

He jumped out of the car and disappeared from view. The first boy hoisted some kind of barbell contraption under his arm. "If you're planning something..."

"I'm not." I said quickly. "Promise."

Daniel chose that exact moment to let out a sharp yelp, one that was abruptly and suspiciously cut off. My heart sank as every single pair of eyes turned toward me, none of them too friendly.

"What was that?" The green eyed girl demanded.

Before I could answer, a very familiar voice called "Sorry, Mon. I'm a little late."

I almost groaned as Nat, dragging Daniel wrapped in vines behind her, came into view. Somehow, she had tracked and followed me from Miami all the way here, and was now dangling these kids' friend upside down in front of their faces.

"I'm only going to ask once. Give me back my friend."

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Mon Apr 01, 2019 2:26 pm
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HazelGrace16 says...

Natalia Santos

It’s been two weeks, 3 days, 4 hours, and 17 minutes since Monica was abducted by Onyx’s henchman. I knew something was wrong that day the moment she didn’t come back from the gas station. She told me she’d be gone for only 15 minutes, but she was wrong. Tick tock goes the clock and 15 minutes turned to 60. We both knew Onyx was right on our tails, but then again, we also didn’t expect him to strike so soon. Odds are the bastards that took her tried to get my location as well, but she’s stubborn and smart enough to indicate I was long gone after she saved me the day of our escape. Then again, I suppose under a leader like Onyx one enemy captured, especially one as important as Monica, is better than none at all.

I started following them at a close distance after catching up to their rendezvous location within the first few days. Close enough to know their location, but never close enough to strike. They were constantly and fast. Onyx must be getting desperate. You’d actually be surprised how many people are willing to pick up a sixteen-year-old girl from the side of the road and drive her across kingdom come. Another thing that surprised me is how easy it was to track them, especially with how strong and vibrant Monica’s life force is.

I sat along the tree line at the side of the road when the car chase and confrontation was over. It was then I saw my chance to get to Monica. These strangers seemed different. They weren’t with Onyx that’s for sure, but I also wasn’t quite sure if their intentions were pure or not as I watched them take down Onyx’s men. I quickly recognized Pyke as one of the henchmen. He would often taunt me in the cells during my imprisonment. A part of me was almost happy to see them take him down so easily. He suddenly wasn’t so scary to me anymore.

When they pulled Monica from the bag I was happy to see her unharmed, and I was also happy for the opportunity that arose when one of the taller boys walked towards the old RV. I concentrated as some of the nearby ivies began to slither past my feet and towards the unsuspecting stranger. Without another thought, the ivy wrapped itself tightly around his body covering him from his head to his toes. He let out a sharp yelp and I manipulated the vines to lift him into the air as I emerged from my hiding spot in the brush.

“Sorry, Mon. I’m a little late.” I said not taking my eyes off of the group in front of me. Not surprisingly the strangers took stances ready to fight if necessary. “I’m only going to ask once. Give me back my friend.” The strangers surrounded me but no one moved.

“Look we don’t want any trouble. We haven’t done anything to hurt your friend, and we just wanted to help. And if you could help us by releasing our friend that would be awesome.” A girl with brown hair explained. Next to her, the Asian boy glared as he clung a strange looking weapon attached to a chain. A chain I recognized all too well.

“Nat please just listen to them.” Mon pleaded and then turned to the brown-haired girl. “I’m sorry she’s just scared, and she’s been through a lot. We all have.” Mon tried to reason with the girl. Suddenly a deep fear began to take hold of my body as if I suddenly didn’t have control over my emotions. The boy with the strange weapon went to take a step and turned sharply.

“I wouldn’t do that if I were you.” I threatened the boy. Next to me, the boy I had captured grunted as I tightened the vines around his neck. “Any sudden movements or if I notice any presence of powers and I snap his neck right here and right now.” My emotions grew.

“Nat.” Monica croaked trying to reason with me. “Let him go. They aren’t going to hurt us.”
“You don’t know that,” I said my hands now shaking.

“They’re friends Nat. They aren’t with Onyx. They aren’t going to put you into a cage. I promise.” She explained. I looked down at Pyke’s unconscious body, and back to the chain in the boys’ hand.

“Your name is Nat, right?” I looked up suddenly back to the girl with brown hair who had spoken earlier. Her hands were now in front of her and she took a few steps forward. “My name is Jack, and you’ve got my friend Daniel a little…tied up. If you let him go I promise, we’ll release your friend. We have no reason to hurt either one of you so please don’t give us one.” She looked over to the boy she called Daniel and gave him a nod imitating a deep breath. I looked to him and he seemed to nod back in understanding as well. Suddenly the intense feelings of fear began to dwindle like a weight off my shoulders.

“What are you doing to me?” I asked not loosening the vines quite yet.

“I apologize.” Daniel piped up for the first time his voiced slightly strained from the tight vines around him. “The sudden ambush took me by surprise. I seemed to have attached my fear onto you.” He tried to give me a reassuring smile as his voiced calmed with my mood.

“Nat it’s okay,” Monica reassured me once more.

“You promise?”

“I promise.” She said. At that moment I loosened my hold on the vines and set Daniel gently back onto the ground. He pulled the vines off himself and stood walking slowly back over to his friends. I didn’t dare move my hands still ready to attack if it came down to it. He finally grabbed a pair of scissors to release Monica. After cutting her free Monica jumped from the car and wobbly walked towards me. I ran to hug her almost knocking her to the ground. She was the closest thing to a family in a long time. She was my sister.

“Maybe we should all start over.” Daniel suddenly suggested walking towards us. With a smile, he held out a hand to both of us. “I’m Daniel and these are my friends Jack, Ionic, Yohan, and Samirah. If you guys don’t mind we’d really appreciate you telling us your story…” I could tell Monica was uncomfortable, but what choice did we have? With a forced smile, she nodded still refusing to grab his hand. He nodded in understanding.

“I think that’s a great idea.” Pipped up the girl named Jack. Beside her, the girl Samirah and the boy Ionic gave their best reassuring smiles. However, it was the boy named Yohan that still stood on guard his face stoic. I watch the chain dangle next to him feeling the shiver down my back. Despite his cold glare maybe we weren’t so different after all. Maybe none of us were.

“I do too,” Monica said nodding. Right now, we needed all the help we could get.
"Sometimes it is the people who no one imagines anything of who do the things that no one can imagine" - The Imitation Game

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Thu Apr 11, 2019 4:42 am
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AlyTheBookworm says...

Daniel Lapitan

Danny’s neck was still sore from nearly being choked to death with vines, but he smiled at the girl named Nat anyways. She’d probably been terrified for her friend and thought they were a bunch of Grims sent by Onyx... He could forgive that.

He’d immediately recognized her, and the other girl she’d called “Mon”, as two of the other Purehearts. Monica, the older girl with dark skin and a muscular build, was still swaying on her feet from being tied up in a body bag for who knew how long. Natalia, tan-skinned, slender, and shorter than Monica, looked just as tired- as if she’d been on the road searching for her friend for weeks.

They came from the same place, and had probably all suffered because of Onyx… There was no point in any further fighting. Maybe they’d even be able to help each other.

“Maybe we should all start over,” Danny said. He gave them a friendly, disarming smile and held out a hand to shake.

Monica stared at it. After a moment, she returned a forced smile but didn’t take his hand.

Danny only nodded and let his hand drop to his side again. After all that had happened, it was no wonder she didn’t trust them yet.

“I’m Daniel… or Danny. These are my friends, Jack, Ion, Yohan, and Mira. If you don’t mind, we’d appreciate you telling us your story.”

“I think that’s a great idea,” Jack piped in.

Monica and Nat glanced at each other. After a moment of tense silence, Monica turned back to Danny and nodded.

“I do too.”

At that, Yohan stepped forward. The Korean kid was still wearing his slight, customary scowl. “That’ll have to wait. We need to leave. The police are going to come back here looking for those kidnappers and we don’t want to be here when they do.”

As if they’d somehow heard his words, a police siren began to wail in the distance. It started soft but became louder and shriller with each passing second.

All of them glanced towards Pyke and Jim. The two men were sprawled on the dirt in front of the beat-up pickup truck, still out cold after being knocked out by Yohan.

“Before we get out of here, let’s tie them up so there’s no chance of them getting away again,” Danny suggested.

He glanced at Nat. “Er- do you think you could..?”

She grinned and stepped toward the pickup truck. After a moment, ivy began to slither from the grass and twist around the two men’s unconscious bodies. In seconds, they were tied up head to toe in vines. Pyke twitched a bit, but neither woke.

When they do, they’ll have a nasty surprise waiting for them.

The rest of them piled into the RV. Betsy looked a bit worse for wear, but luckily for them, Pyke’s bullet- aimed at one of the front tires- had glanced off the metal rim of the wheel instead. There was a small dent from the bullet’s impact, but it wouldn’t affect the RV’s driving.

Monica and Nat hesitated before getting in, but the approaching sirens seemed to convince them. Jack, as usual, hopped into the front seat and started up the vehicle with a shouted command.

The RV came to life with a rattling grumble and began to climb back up onto the main road at a word from Jack. The mousy-haired girl stared at the back cabin through the rearview mirror, her bright blue eyes flicking from Nat to Monica before turning forward again.

Once they were back on the road, the police cruiser sped past them in the opposite direction and down the exit. Danny let out a sigh of relief, and everyone seemed to relax a little as his mood became calmer. Usually, he’d be more careful to control his ability and keep his friends from feeling his emotions, but he thought they could do with some peace after that car chase and the confrontation with the kidnappers.

“So… where are we going?” Monica said, breaking the silence.

“Nowhere, anywhere,” said Jack from the driver’s seat. “I just picked the nearest town on the GPS and told Betsy to take us there.”

“Betsy?” Monica said with a raised eyebrow.

“Uhm. Yeah. Our RV is called Betsy.” Jack blushed.

“Why were you after Mon’s kidnappers?” Nat asked with a frown.

“We weren’t. It was just a coincidence, I guess. Jack was driving when she saw some criminals trying to escape in a car chase, shooting at the police following them,” Danny explained. “They were getting away, so we went after them.”

“This stuff actually happens to us more than you’d think,” Samirah added wryly.

Ion watched the new Purehearts shyly, fox ears still poking out from his long blonde hair, while Yohan examined them with a serious expression. Eventually, he spoke up, staring directly at Monica.

“We’re safe now. We won’t reach town for at least another hour, if this thing’s GPS is still accurate. You’ve asked your questions, so now you owe us an explanation. Who are you? Why did Onyx have you kidnapped?”

Danny winced. He trusted Yohan, thought of him as a friend, but he wished the older kid would learn to have some tact- especially regarding emotions.

Monica frowned at his bluntness, but obliged him. “Nat and I said we would tell you our story, so we will.”

The sky darkened outside the windows, the sun melting into the pink horizon like a pat of butter. Trees and cars whipped past the old RV, and Danny propped his arm up on his chair’s armrest to watch them pass as Monica told her story.

A memorandum isn't written to inform the receiver, but to protect the writer.
— Dean Acheson