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Thu Mar 14, 2019 2:21 am
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Europa says...

Spoiler! :
I take full responsibility for any typos my over-excited brain didn't want to proofread for.

The Purehearts.
You don't know how the cult came to be, nor anything about it's (Former) leader, known only as Father to you and the rest of the children like you, only that it has been your only true home for a long time. You were an orphan when the Purehearts found you. As far as you were told, it was a merciful rescue, to take a young child from the clutches of a cruel world to become part of a whole. To groom them to serve a greater purpose.
The abilities they gave you years before were a divine gift, and later, when your training was complete and your full power was realized, you would be the furious storm that cleansed the Earth, paving the way for them, God's chosen few. It was for this purpose you had been working towards your true strength, a second ability locked deep inside of yourself until you reached the epitome of your power.
Many of the children began to unlock them as the years crawled on, and at first it was a cause for celebration, but then you noticed these same children begin to change, becoming more reckless, shockingly rebellious, and most of all, terrifyingly viscous. Later, this transformation would be termed by the other children as going Grim.
The Purehearts didn't see any cause for concern. After all, what they needed from your kind was ferocity, and they'd always been able to handle spurts of willfulness with their crushing force.
They never saw the attack coming.
The Grim children organized so secretly, not even most of the other children suspected anything. When they struck, it was clear to everyone the Purehearts didn't stand a chance. After Father was killed, those of his followers who had survived the slaughter and were still able to escape the compound with their lives went into hiding. In no more than a single night, the Grim children had gained full control of the Purehearts. The leader, an older boy who insisted on being called only by his first name, Onyx, announced their mission would be different from now on. Your unease at his words were only elevated when he refused to give any answers as to what his plans were. Although he acted benevolent, you couldn't shake the feeling that whatever he intended to do was something awful. You didn't stay long afterwards.
Since your escape, you've found others who had your same idea after that change in leadership. You've been sticking with each other for months now, watching each other's backs and waiting with baited breath for Onyx and his new order of Purehearts to make their first move. None of you know when or what it will be, but you feel it looming now more than ever. You know whatever it is they have planned is fast approaching, and when it happens, your life will once again change forever.

Rules and Character Sheet

Spoiler! :
1. Keep romance and language PG
2. Try to stay active in the DT
3. I highly doubt this will be an issue, but please respect your fellow writers
4. No god-modding
5. In the interest of power balancing, check with me if you have an idea for a character who already has their secondary power unlocked.

Character Page
Spoiler! :
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Age: (Between 16-18)





Main Power:

Secondary Power: (You have the option to unlock it later if you so choose)





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