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COPPA Agreements

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Wed Nov 23, 2005 12:52 am
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Nate says...

The US has a law that requires me to get permission from someone's parents, if they are under 13, before they are allowed in the forum. This law is generally referred to a COPPA, which stands for something like Child Online Parental Protection Act, agreement. However, this law only applies to Americans.

So my question is, does anybody know if there are similiar laws in other countries? I'm particularly interested in the UK and Canada here, which are respectively the number two and three top nationalities on YWS. If there are similiar laws in those countries, then I need to abide by them for members from those countries. But if there are not, then I do not need to require parental permission for under 13 year olds that come from the UK, Canada, or any other country.

Other countries that would be good to get info on:
- Australia (the fourth top source)
- India (probably number seven, but a lot more members are coming from here)
- South Africa
- New Zealand
- Hong Kong
- Singapore
- Basically any country that either speaks English or was/is a British colony.
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