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Sun Nov 25, 2018 8:24 pm
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Rydia says...

So I should probably have one of these as I'm older than a lot of you and while age doesn't always bring wisdom, it does bring experience! Here's a rough list of things I know stuff about:

1. Boardgames/ PC strategy gaming.
2. Meet-Up groups/ running activity groups.
3. Tech support - software rather than hardware but general working in a tech company stuff.
4. Baking! I bake a lot.
5. Snowman building. Also a lot a lot.
6. Asperger's Syndrome/ autism. I know a bit about this.
7. Moles/ mole removal/ skincare appointments.
8. Travel - I've been to Prague, Italy, China, Abu Dhabi, Spain (so, so many times), France and Germany. I can probably answer some questions for travelling or these places.
9. The UK - I live in England and have seen a lot of parts of the UK so I can help with setting/ research questions.
10. Ligament injuries, especially foot ligaments. I tore a few tendons in my foot many years ago and the healing process is a very long one so if you want to give your character a foot injury I may be able to help!
11. Buying a house (in the UK) - this is very niche, I know! Paying bills/ mortgage etc.
12. Owning a cat. They are cute. Also owning/ breeding budgies and gerbils, owning hamsters, owning a dog, owning a rabbit, owning a guinea pig and owning fish.
13. Event management - my company run events like The London Book Fair, Comic Con, World Travel Market etc. I've attended quite a few of them and help with the background running stuff.
14. Conquering castles. I did some coursework on it and spent a year of history studying them.
15. Poetry, especially structured poems.
16. YWS pranks. I realise I should totally add this one...
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