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What were some names of a few narcotic painkillers during ww

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Mon Oct 22, 2018 10:00 pm
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Theman1995 says...

Hi. I'm new to The Young Writers Society. I am working on a graphic novel during the World War II era. I have a character (female) that was in a horrific accident that caused her a spinal injury. She was seen by Spinal Cord Specialist (which did exist around that time) and they saved her from being paralyzed but she lives her life in constant physical pain as well as psychological trauma from the accident. She is given prescription painkillers that she has been addicted to for the past year before the events of the actual story. I was wondering what she would have been addicted to for her pain around that time as oppose to just morphine (to me it just sound too common. I want something a little more unique than morphine.). Any suggestions? Thank you.

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Tue Oct 23, 2018 2:24 am
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Hattable says...

I don't have the time to do very extensive and in-depth research on this at the moment but some quick googling got me an essay on the use of opioids and the progression of drugs throughout history and various wars? It seems there was a high usage of heroin for some time, as a painkiller, but during World War II there was research into a less addictive alternative. In comes "dolantin, a painkiller less potent than morphine and better known by the name meperidine".

While made to be less addictive, the below excerpt seems like something you could play into with your character? -- what with needing higher and higher dosages to reach the same effectiveness, that is.

Meperidine is best in short-term care, as the drug needs to be prescribed in larger amounts after each subsequent use to achieve the same effect.

Penicillin was also widely used, according to this source, but I don't know about its addictiveness.

Hopefully this is of some help for the moment!
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