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NaNo 2023 Official Announcement Post

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Fri Oct 27, 2023 4:39 am
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Spearmint says...


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What are PlanMo and NaNo?

Simply put, they're writing challenges! The goal of PlanMo is to plan for NaNo, whose typical goal is to write 50,000 words (or a full novel) in 30 days. PlanMo takes place in October and NaNo in November. Here on YWS, we do lots of fun things to hype up NaNo, such as word crawls, pad parties, and just generally spreading encouragement!

For more information on NaNo, check out this post, or ask anyone who already has a thread up in the NaNo forum.

How do I participate?

Just make a thread in the NaNo forum! You can add a blurb about your project and update your progress each day. Check out other ywsers' projects too and spread some positivity!

What events/activities will there be?

Great question. I'll update the list of activities below as we announce them throughout the month:

  • PlanMo Journal Challenge - Plan out your project by answering some fun journal prompts from the Official PlanMo Club! Bonus: the first five people to complete the Character Questionnaire can request character art from @Spearmint.
  • The Question Game - Ask and be asked fun questions about your project, and learn a bit about other people's projects as well C:
  • Other forum activities - There are tons of fun threads in the NaNo forum, ranging from "What's the first sentence of your novel?" to "What is your NaNo routine?"
  • Word Crawls - link coming soon!
  • Write-ins - schedule coming soon!
  • Hashtags - more info coming soon!
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