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Fri May 27, 2011 1:42 am
theotherone says...

Hello there, I'm here as requested! :)

Plot wise this was really good. The idea is a little bit cliche, since it's always the girl that gets beaten up, and somehow she never wants to leave. I read yesterday and article on women abusing their husband, and I felt like this is really something, since we always talk about the pour women that get abused and stuff, but the men, most people don't even know. So this is really not the good time to make me read this, since all I can think is how cliche it is. ;)

That apart, I love the way you've express this story, it made it feel so much more emotional and touching.

Characters are elaborate, which is a must for me, so good job. :) The only thing is the guy could be detailed a little better, but considering this is a short story, and that the characterization for the MC is really good, I won't be to harsh.

All in all, everything is pretty good. Details are there, characterization is there, plot seems fine, the imagery is definitely there...

I'm sorry for the short review, but I think with all the reviews you had and the time to edit, you definitely had enough to perfection it... So there's not much for me to say here. ;)

Keep up the good work!

-Other One
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