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2022 July PlanMo Journal Challenge

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Sun Jun 19, 2022 9:16 am
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>> Camp NaNo is approaching. In the last two weeks of June (though the prompts can still be used all throughout July) a mini-PlanMo will take place using the following journal prompts. :]

>>Instructions: create a thread in the Camp NaNoWriMo forums. Write a post for as many prompts as you can or would like to use. Use them to help plan your Camp NaNo project. There are badges in store for people who complete the prompts. (More information on this later.)

Main Challenges

Elevator pitch

An elevator pitch, elevator speech, or elevator statement is a short description of an idea, product, or company that explains the concept in a way such that any listener can understand it in a short period of time. Describe your novel as though it were an elevator pitch.

Character tweets

Character tweets. How would your characters introduce themselves to social media? Write their first tweet. You can do one for as many of your characters as you like, but remember you only have 280 characters.

Describe a theme of your story

What is it about? (Examples of themes: love, repetition, time, maturation . . . ) Is this theme more present in the start of your novel than the end? Will it be an overt theme, or one the reader has to search for?

Outline a difficult plot point

Outline a part of your plot that you're unsure about or struggling with and post it. Then go around reading and commenting on other people's posts, making suggestions or noting any potential plot holes.

Tell us about your supporting cast

You might have fleshed out your main character already, but what about some of the supporting characters? Pick one or two and tell us about them. How did they meet your MC (or how will they meet)? What makes them important to your story?

Your most challenging character

Describe which character you think will be the most challenging to write. Plan how you will rise to that challenge! Do they need extra research? How might you tackle the scenes they are in differently to other scenes?

Question & answer

Questions! Post some questions in your entry, then, go round other threads answering questions with your thoughts. This month is likely to lead to different realisations for different people, or maybe some people are more experienced with NaNo than others. Either way, we are sure that if you ask a question of the YWS hivemind, the YWS hivemind will answer.

Extra Challenges

Use the media code to put in a song that will inspire you to write this story when the going gets tough.

It could be the something that reminds you of the location your story takes place, one of your characters or just a good motivational song!

Code: Select all

Character & location List

List down all the characters and locations that will or might appear in the story. Include some that seem unlikely, but might for example be a cool setting to add to a scene that needs some spice. You could also include some names or general descriptions for supporting/ background characters that you might need in a hurry.

Character questionnaire

Fill out the following questionnaire from the NaNo site about at least one of your side characters, though the more you do the more prepared you will be.

Spoiler! :

Eye colour:
Physical appearance:
Strange or unique physical attributes:
Favourite clothing style/outfit:
Where does he/she live? What is it like there? --
Defining gestures/movements:
Things about his/her appearance he/she would most like to change:
Speaking style:
Pet peeves:
Fondest memory:
Special skills/abilities:
Negative traits:
Things that upset him.
Things that embarrass him:
This character is highly opinionated about:
Any phobias? --
Things that make him/her happy:
Family (describe):
Deepest, darkest secret:
Reason he/she has kept this secret for so long:
Other people's opinions of this character:
Favourite bands/songs/types of music:
Favourite movies:
Favourite TV shows:
Favourite books:
Favourite foods:
Favourite sports/sports teams:
Political views:
Religion/philosophy of life:
Physical health:
Dream holiday:
Description of his/her house:
Description of his/her room:
Any pets? --
Best thing that has ever happened to this character:
Worst thing that has ever happened to this character:
Three words to describe this character:
If a song played every time this character walked into a room, what song would it be?
Are you gearing up for Camp NaNo in April?
Join us with the PlanMo Journal Challenge to prepare (and earn some shiny badges)!

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