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Event 5: YWS Scavenger Hunt RESULTS

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Sun Aug 08, 2021 7:35 pm
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lliyah says...

And with a slight delay to accommodate me triple checking the scores ~

We are ready to declare the winners of the 2021 YWS Olympics Scavenger Hunt!

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These brave users dared to enter the search for the answers to YWS's biggest questions! A few questions didn't take too long to dig up, but others sent these detectives on wild goose-chases, or chicken-chases, or just deep into the archives of YWS. Hopefully everyone had fun learning a little bit more about YWS in the process of searching for these! I know I had a great time coming up with the questions!

While I won't be giving out the answers (in case I want to re-use some of the questions next scavenger hunt round!) any participants are allowed to PM and ask me the answer to a single question from the list if they'd like. Thank you to all these competitors who participated @MirrorOfTheSun, @ImaginativeAlice, @Nicole136, @ForeverYoung299, @HarryHardy, @Que, @ShadowVyper, @LizzyTyler, @kattee. You all did wonderfully!

Before we get to the medal winners, I'd like to congratulate @ImaginativeAlice with an honorable mention for being just a couple points behind the next winner. (Way to go Alice!)


ShadowVyper fought for the bronze, getting a very respectable 49.5 points!!

kattee AND HarryHardy

I was really not expecting to see a tie in this event, but lo and behold both @kattee & @HarryHardy managed to get exactly 63.5 points ! That is incredible you two!


And last but not least, @Que came away with the GOLD with 75 out of 113 possible points! That is pretty amazing!

Great job everyone! If you want to review those questions again, you can check them out here!

Oh! I almost forgot!
Spoiler! :

One question that was missed across the board was the last one on the list "what is alliyah's favorite bird" - and I know some of you may be feeling horrified to find out my favorite bird is not actually chickens! is my whole life a lie? So I thought I'd let you all know the answer to this one. My very favorite bird is .... Zebra Finches! Which you can find my saying so in my art thread, as well as my modversary post from this year, and then I tell one of the reasons why in this rambling post on soundofmind's wall and have mentioned a few other previous times that I used to have two zebra finches Wally & Polly <3. That one was super sneaky! Thanks for hunting!
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Sun Aug 08, 2021 7:45 pm
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DreamyAlice says...

Imagination is a superpower. Use it well!

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Sun Aug 08, 2021 7:48 pm
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Rodionandaxe says...

Congratulations ALL!!!
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Sun Aug 08, 2021 7:55 pm
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SpiritedWolfe says...

the chicken is a lie

Congrats to everyone!! This was a hard fought round ^^
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Sun Aug 08, 2021 8:05 pm
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Quillfeather says...

Congrats everyone! Great job!
And, good job putting this together alliyah, I had a lot of fun!
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Sun Aug 08, 2021 8:51 pm
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kattee says...

Oh my goodness, @HarryHardy great minds think a like HAAHAHHAHAHAAHH and congratulations @Que, @ShadowVyper, and everyone else who participated! This was undeniably difficult sksksksk.

It literally taught me the art of research stalking other people’s profile lollol
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Sun Aug 08, 2021 11:58 pm
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Riverlight says...

Congrats!! <3
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Mon Aug 09, 2021 4:18 am
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Liminality says...

Congratulations everyone! Super impressive :0

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