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July 2021: The Rogue Prince

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Sat Jul 10, 2021 2:54 am
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atlast says...

prompt 8: key scenes

PlanMo 2021

Give a rough outline of the key moment in your story so far. What is that one scene you're really, really excited to write?

I'm really excited to write Sylas and Lilibet's first interaction. It's a few days after Sylas realizes he can manipulate metal, and he's in an empty courtyard trying to figure it out. He's getting increasingly frustrated, and eventually sort of snaps. Meanwhile, Lili has snuck out to spy on the Elarian's, and winds up on the edge of the courtyard. She doesn't jump out and reveal herself to Sylas; he sends a metal chair (or something...not important lol) and it almost hits Lilibet. They both freak the heck out. Sylas agrees to keep Lilibet's secret if she trains him. I want there to be something in it for Lilibet, besides not getting caught, but I haven't been able to think of anything yet, I may have some ideas jotted down somewhere.

Anyway, that's the scene I'm really looking forward to. It's the spark of the story; without it, the book wouldn't happen. Very excited, indeed! :D

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