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Fri Jan 29, 2021 8:34 pm
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Vincian says...

Welcome to the Roleplay Section! This is your guide to the forums with a brief description of each.

Roleplay Community Forums

  • Information Desk
      All Roleplay Crew updates and information will be posted here, including events, announcements, contests, workshops, and other important information.
  • Roleplay Lounge
      This is the forum to chat about anything pertaining to roleplays or just anything in general. When you're not roleplaying, feel free to hang around in here.
    • Welcome Mat
        This is the place to introduce yourself to the Roleplay Section.
  • Out-of-Character Discussion
      This is the place for all out-of-character discussion in the Roleplay Forums.

Roleplay Forums

  • Storybook Sanctuary
      Storybooks are the longest form of roleplay. They usually have a slower pace and an emphasis on collaboration, and you are allowed to control other writers' characters.
  • Roleplay Realm
      This forum contains roleplays that blend the style of the Storybook Sanctuary (collaborative novel-writing where controlling other characters is allowed) and the Roleplay Hollow (endless, drop-character-in-room roleplaying where controlling other characters is forbidden). It often features casual stories with shorter posts.
  • Roleplay Hollow
      Casual and fast-paced, this roleplay forum allows you to drop your characters into any setting and with almost any kind of character ensemble. It's usually meant for fun and games, not storytelling, and you cannot control other characters.
  • Roleplay Duos
      This is a forum specifically for roleplays involving only two writers. You can collaborate on a novel, write short stories, or just roleplay casually with your favourite characters. The options are limitless!
  • Archive
      This is a forum of old, abandoned, or outdated roleplays and roleplay-related threads.
    • Completed Hall of Fame
        This is the roleplay hall of fame, where completed roleplays and storybooks are showcased for all to read and reflect on.

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