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Last Ship Sailing: Round II

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Mon Jan 03, 2022 8:23 pm
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Omni says...


Welcome to The Last Ship Sailing Round II!

This is an endurance collaborative writing competition. Join others and collectively write 2500 words each week. Last the longest to obtain the coveted title of the Last Ship Sailing.

How to Sign Up

1. Sign up in the LSS Tavern as a Crewmate!

2. Join together with other Crewmates in the Tavern to assemble a full Crew. A full Crew consist of Three-Five Crewmates.

3. Elect a Captain. A Captain is agreed upon by all Crewmates. They create the Ship Roleplay and OOC thread for the Crew. They will post in the Ship Log weekly to update the Ship's progress.

4. Your Captain creates a Ship Story Thread and a Ship OOC Thread.

5. Sign your Ship up at the LSS Port.

Before The Competition Starts

Before the competition starts, it is allowed and encouraged to:
  • Have a concrete story idea and synopsis that all Crewmates have agreed upon.
  • Have a full roster of characters from all Crewmates, including competed Character Profiles.
  • Have plotted and outlined to your Crew's content.
Any in-story writing before the competition starts is not allowed.

Once The Competition Starts

Your Ship's Mission: write 2500 words a week as a Crew.

If a Ship fails to complete their Mission, the Ship will have a one-time Lifeboat. The Crew must write 4000 words in the next week to continue in the competition.

If a Ship does not accomplish the Lifeboat Mission or does not accomplish the regular Mission after using the Lifeboat, it will become a Ghost Ship. Ghost Ships are still encouraged to write, but they are out of the competition.

This is a competition about collaboration. So, if a Crewmate does not write for two weeks in a row, they will become a Ghost. As a Ghost, they may still contribute to the story, but their writing will not count towards the weekly 2500 word goal.

More Information

Spoiler! :
  • All LSS Ships must follow Roleplay Rules: Roleplay Rules
  • Crewmates may only be the Crew of one Ship.
  • A Ship must be a new idea. No previous in-story writing will count. New ideas can be: reboots, sequels, or spin-offs.
  • Although your Ship is sailing in the Storybook Sanctuary, it can be any kind of roleplay. Learn more about roleplay types here.
  • Only in-story writing posted in the Ship Story Thread will count towards Missions.
  • There is no post limit.
  • There is no word count limit.
  • In order to count towards writing, a crewmate must post the writing themselves. Collabbed posts will only count towards the poster.
  • Any writing before the current week will not count towards the current week's Missions.
  • Weeks are considered Monday-Sunday. The start is Beginning of Day (BOD) Monday in your Captain's Timezone and end End of Day (EOD) Sunday in your Captain's timezone.
  • Missions must be completed by EOD Sunday.
  • Ship Captains must post or delegate a post in the Ship Log by EOD Sunday.

Useful Links

Spoiler! :
LSS Tavern - For Sign Ups and forming Crews
LSS Port - For Ship Sign Ups
LSS Ship Log - For Weekly Updates
LSS Club

Roleplay Rules
Storybook Profiles: A How To Guide - For assistance in Character Templates and Profiles
A Quick Roleplay Guide - If you are new to the forum


The Competition Starts January 31, 2022

This account proudly supports lgbtq* rights.

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Mon Jan 03, 2022 8:31 pm
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— Dr. Mr. Elfboy