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Event 6: Word War RESULTS

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Fri Feb 16, 2018 7:16 am
Holysocks says...

Thank you to everyone who participated in the Word War! You all wrote a ton for just one day! Collectively, you guys wrote 25,650 words as long as my calculator was working properly. And that to me is INCREDIBLY inspiring and huge!

As for the winners...


@Thundahguy with 4247 words!


@Mea with 4301 words!!


@LadyLizz with 6018 words!!!

And now, thank you everyone who participated! You all did awesome!

@fortis: 1411
@leleparadise: 1328
@alliyah: 1540
@TheSilverFox: 1767
@AliceinBluue: 2419
@Kays: 2619

Note: The word counts shown in these results turned out slightly different than the word counts were that each of the participants posted. However, I tried three different word counters and got the same as what's in this thread. It only differs from the posts by a few words, and didn't affect the results. I'm not sure what was up with that.
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