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Wed Jan 15, 2014 5:21 pm
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Messenger says...

I begin my job as a Knight. I slack for the first few days, but after a good meal mount my trusty steed, and set out to battle for a sword, lance, and ultimately . . . a Unicorn.

Spoiler! :
For a sword
11. ​Chapter one

12.The Beast

13.Endless: Part IV

14.Endless: Part V


For a shield!

16.The Assassin- Part 3

17.Twelve Years: Just One More

18.Paxton Chapter one

19.Kingdom Come

20.The Masked

For a sword!

21.Untitled Work 3


23.Endless: Part VI

24.What Happened to the Time

25.Endless: Part VI

For a horse!

26.Poems 2

27.Paxton Chapter Two

28.The Princess's Feet

29.Endless: VII


31.I am

32.The Chronicles of Xaba: Part One


34.Fantastical Book 1: The Mirror (Prologue)

35.Chapter Two

For a suit of armor!

36.The Chronicles of Xaba: Part One (Take Two)

37.In Love Again

38.Math Class

39.When I need you, even just a second.

40.Just Like The World

41.Review Day!


43.Perfectly Content- College Essay



Next Badge!


47.Mysterious Ways (chapter 1)

48.The Pack - Chapter Two - Kaat

49.Living Weapons: Chapter One

50.Kira's Story, Chapter 1

51. The snowy Moor


53.Nothing Sweet

54.What day is it?

55.I am me

A coat of Arms! (It is a scroll with a green ribbon tied around it)


57.Welcome To Hell

58.Those Sidelines Matter



61.Removing The Mask ~ Chapter One

62.A Night to Remember - Chapter 5

63.The Cat's Quest-Ch 1

64.Perfect: Chapter 1

65.Dumb Poetry

66.Adventures at Evening (experimentation with iambic pentameter)

67. Challenge Accepted.

68.Saved From the Fall

69.Every Prayer

70."Technology - in various ways"

71.Effects of Technology

72.A Brand Matters

73.Technology: What would be life without it?

74.The Man in the tower, Chapter 2 Contiued


76.In Search for Ease

77.Pros and Cons Nowadays

78.Only In Fairy Tales

79.What is School for an Ordinary Student?

80.Mayay! Rewrite

81.Technology in Every Facets of Life

82.Days of Gold Gone By: Episode One.

83.Two Separate Lives

84.Two Separate Lives

85.Rebuilding Thunder Chapter 2

86.Proving at Present the Countless Use of Technology

87.The Need to Breathe

88.The Cycle

89.Prologue. "Beautiful Nightmare"


91.Empty 1

92.The Artist.



95.Part One - Eyes on the Walls

96.The Seasons

97.Lucky Pair


99.Ferrozine Woman

100.The Biting Game: Alice's Story.

For my chalice!

101.Losing Sanity

102.I want to be punished no more, Daddy.

103.I had warned you.





108.Lost in the Wind

109.King Of The Sky

110.Secret Walls: Prologue

111.I saved the world!

112.The footsteps

113.Hope- A Solicit Sight.

114.Penguin at the Bottom

115.Emerson Essay


117.What to Do?

118.Love is something, but

119.The Pack - Chapter 3 - Fawkes

120.Prologue - Together We Make The Elements (Working title)

121.Fantastical Book 1: The Mirror (Chapter One)

122.Overcrowding in the Hawks Nest

123.Adventures of the Pokemon Journalist - Chapter 1 Part 1

124.Lesser Being Prologue

125.Chapter 1: Encounter

126.A Stroll Amidst Seasons

127.What You've Done

128.Disjointed Entanglements story-baby dragons

130.Start to a story - Nature's Finest

131.My story.

132.When My Life Took A Sudden Turn.

133.Drips of Blood

134.Days of Gold Gone By: Ep.Three

135.No More

136.Fantastical Book 1: The Mirror (Chapter Two)

137.Basketball Heart

138.A Lost Cause - Ch 1



141."Abandoned" Part 1

142.My Lord, My Savior

143.Strengths of the U.S. Constitution & Government System

144.From Us Teens

145.Under the Influence

147.A Lost Cause - Ch 2


149.Free At Last


For a chest!

151.My Lord, My Savior

152."Abandoned" Part 1



155.Miracle Worker

156.The Hybrids (chapter 1)




160.Undecided Title :)

161.Letting You In. (Jcsmooth)





166.Count To Ten

167.Ennui (The Media Center)

168.How does giving up smoking affect lives?

169.Dear Skylar, I'm Coming Home

170.Shimmer II: Unicorn Genocide - Chapter 1

171.My Scar

172.The Unforgiven Destiny:Prolouge


174.When The Rain Falls - Chapter 03

175.To Fall or Rise: Chapter 3

176.edit:(1)- Faceless beyond Scrutiny

177.Chapter 1 - Losing Home

178.Perfect Love

179.Lights Went Off.

180.Girl of Sunshine


182.Winter Kingdom--Prologue

183.Granite tears (title pending) - chapter one

184.Mr. President

185.America's Cup Here We Come Chapter 1



188.Blood's Sweet Poison

189.Here Be Dragon

190.The Assassin - Chapter 1 - Part 2


192.Chapter 2 - Sanctuary

193.Golden Bird, Red Fox: Chapter two

194.All This Time Prologue

195.To Rise or Fall: Chapter 7

196.Maelstrom Chapter 2

197.The Road Home (Chapter 1: Goldspire Pass)

198.The Saga of Uthdore 1.3: Draton

199.The Saga of Uthdore 1.4: Harold Part 1

200.The Saga of Uthdore 1.5: Adsul

201.The Saga of Uthdore 1.6: Sulryn

202.Review Day Rhapsody

203.The love between friends

204.Americas Cup Hee We Come Chapter 2

205.Golden Bird, Red Fox: Chapter one

206.Girl of Sunshine

207.Perfect Love

208.Lights Went Off.

209.Terra Duenuo - Chapter 1

210.Prakfura Raiders: Prologue And Chapter One

211.The Dragon Boy Chapter 1

212.The Stars in Her Eyes - Chapter 3 Part 2

213.Cries of War

214.Memorial III: Wasted Effort

215.Of gory showers and wimpy Careers






For the piece of Shrubbery.

1.Kingdom Come

A village
1.Endless Part II
2.Endless Part III
3.Endless: Part IV
4.Endless: Part V
5.Endless: Part VI
For the town
6.Endless: VII
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Some day my words will inspire people

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620 Reviews


Gender: Male
Points: 11675
Reviews: 620
Wed Jan 15, 2014 5:21 pm
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Messenger says...

I shall now be updating this I took a long review break, but I am getting back into the mood. For the Knights of the Green Room!!!!
Some day my words will inspire people

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Gender: Male
Points: 11675
Reviews: 620

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620 Reviews


Gender: Male
Points: 11675
Reviews: 620
Wed May 14, 2014 11:53 pm
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Messenger says...

Having taken a long absence, but seeing @Hannah return, Messenger pulls on his armor, mounting his horse, sword and shield by his side and on his back. He bids ado to the Green Hall and charges out of the castle gates. You don't know what's coming!
Some day my words will inspire people

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Sat May 31, 2014 1:23 am
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Messenger says...

Names have been decided!

Sword - Slicer
Shield - Saver
Helmet - Protector
Suit of Armor - Fortress
Jousting Lance - Reacher
Horse - Carrier

Coat-of-Arms - A white scroll tied with a green ribbon flowing in the breeze.

@Hannah :P
Some day my words will inspire people

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Gender: Male
Points: 11675
Reviews: 620
Mon Oct 29, 2018 9:42 pm
Messenger says...

For a Chest of GOLD

Spoiler! :

216. work/manilla/Pyromaniac--2-141237#c652217
217. work/manilla/Pyromaniac--3-141246#c652220
218. work/mellifera/The-Heros-Brother-11-141285#c652567
219. work/BiscuitsLeGuin/LMS-IV-The-Drowner-21-141383#c653171
220. work/BiscuitsLeGuin/LMS-IV-The-Drowner-3-141548#c654064
221. work/mellifera/The-Heros-Brother-21-141511#c654072
222. work/Noelle/Hunted-11-141614#c654454
223. work/Noelle/Hunted-12-141754#c656067
224. work/Noelle/Hunted-21-141836#c656068
225. work/Noelle/Hunted-31-142294#c658966
226. work/Noelle/Hunted-32-142366#c659282
227. work/Eros/Perfect-Crime-1-142417#c659479
228. work/Eros/Perfect-Crime-2-142438#c659637
229. work/Eros/Perfect-Crime-3-142442#c659936
230. work/Eros/Perfect-Crime-4-142462#c659951
231. work/ThatOneGuy2002/Chapter-one-awakening-142432#c659952
232. work/ThatOneGuy2002/Chapter-two-The-Dark-Scale-142483#c659958
233. work/ThatOneGuy2002/The-Shadow-Within-Chapter-Three-The-Vision-142519#c660190
234. work/Kazumi/Seen-1239-AM-142508#c660054
235. work/mellifera/The-Heros-Brother-72-142283?c=660342#c660342
236. work/Anniepoo103/Leadership--a-short-essay-for-a-HOBY-scholarship-142341?c=660377#c660377
237. work/concord/The-Crew-21-142333?c=660382#c660382
238. work/mellifera/The-Heros-Brother-81-142365?c=660574#c660574
239. work/ThatOneGuy2002/The-Shadow-Within-Chapter-Six-The-Doors-of-Fate-143650#c668608
240. work/Oxara/The-Orazat-chapter-1-143853#c669043
241. work/MeherazulAzim16/A-Scandal-in-Gotham-1-146165#c681104
242. work/LadyMysterio/Trust-me-not-part-2-145515#c681433
243. work/LadyMysterio/Trust-me-not-Part-3-145535#c681482
244. work/LadyMysterio/Trust-me-not-part-6-145621#c681950
Some day my words will inspire people

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