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Knights' Barracks

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Sat Jan 04, 2014 12:29 am
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dragonfphoenix says...


Below is the roll of all of our honorable Knights. Squires, if you have completed your 10 Green Room reviews and have not yet received your badge of Knighthood, then post that your noble name needs to be added to the roster!

Knights' Roster:

1:Knight Hannah, Hannah

2:Knight Attack, PenguinAttack

3:Knight Trident, Trident

4:Knight Kyllorac, Kyllorac

5:Knight Omniyus, Aquestioning

6:Knight Nite, niteowl

7:Knight Rydia, Rydia

8:Knight Totoro, beckiw

9:Knight Lauren, Lauren2010

10:Knight Audster, Audy

11:Knight Vyper, ShadowVyper

12:Knight Ekki Et Cetera, FermentingFruit

13:Knight Shino, Paracosm

14:Knight of the Wind, Wherethewindgoes

15:Knight Louis, Baal

16:Knight Sea, Searria H.

17:Knight Tucker, dogs

18:Knight Pig of Guinea, guinneapiggirl

19:Knight Soul, Soulkana

20:Knight Noni, noninjaspresent

21:Knight Auxiira, Auxiira

22:Knight Black, BlackNether12

23:Knight Animal, Animal

24:Knight Aley, Aley

25:Knight Jordin, Jonathan

26:Knight Barefoot, barefootrunner

27:Knight Elinor, Elinor Brynn

28:Knight Alliyah, alliyah

29:Knight Skins, Skins

30:Knight Iggy, Iggy

31:Knight Arctic, ArcticMonkey

32:Knight Sapi, Sapi

33:Knight Skorlir, skorlir

34:Knight Teen, KnightTeen

35:Knight Manisha, manisha

36:Knight Valkyrie, Valkyrie17

37:Knight Pokey, megsug

38:Knight Eloquent, EloquentDragon

39:Knight Lyricalrebel, lyricalrebel

40:Knight Fortis, fortis

41:Knight Dragon, dragonfphoenix

42:Knight ShadowHunter, ShadowHunter

43:Knight Messenger, TheMessenger

44:Knight Blackwood, Blackwood

45:Knight Ariana, ajruby12

46:Knight Cailey, Cailey

47:Knight Celestia, PeanutPhoebe

48:Knight Onyx, whitewolfpuppy

49:Knight Morkish, Morkish

50:Knight Althur, DreamWork

51:Knight Wolf, NightWolf

52:Knight Yubbies, yubbies21

53:Knight Tallygirl, tgirly

54:Knight Raven, D4RKR4VEN

55:Knight Birkhoff, Birkhoff

56:Knight Alfonso, AlfonsoFernandez

57:Knight timmyjake, timmyjake

58:Knight Snoink, Snoink

59:Knight Silver, Silverlock

60:Knight Adna, Adnamarine

61:Knight The Tenth Knight, Tenyo

62:Knight John Locke, JohnLocke1

63:Knight Cheetah, Cheetah

64:Knight Dreamy, Dreamy

65:Knight AlexSushiDog, AlexSushiDog

66:Knight Kyana, Kyana

67: Knight GreenTulip, GreenTulip

68: Knight Catcha, catcha01

69: Knight Buggie, Buggiedude2340

70: Knight CesareBorgia, RavenMoonStone

71: Knight Kayfortnight, kayfortnight

72: Knight LiptonCookie, LitponCookie

73: Knight Magenta, Magenta

74: Knight 'Fare, Wolfare1

D.F.P., Knight Dragon

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Mon Jan 06, 2014 5:40 pm
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dragonfphoenix says...

With the Knighting of Squire Silverlock, the Knights ranks have reached 59 Knights. Hers was a long-awaited Knighthood, and gladly we receive her into our fold. Congratulations!
D.F.P., Knight Dragon

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Mon Jan 06, 2014 11:08 pm
Snowery says...

Thank you Knight Dragon!! The honour is too great and my excitement uncontrollable. I shall go and wear myself out battling the beasts of the Green Room! :) :D
The World Is Mine.

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Tue Jan 07, 2014 2:55 am
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dragonfphoenix says...

The chilly wind of winter storm Hercules whispered to me tonight, and it told me that there was one color missing from the Knights' Roster: that of the dark blue, the former Junior Moderators. Hastily I hastened to the Roster, and behold! The storm was right. "Was", I say, because I have corrected this error. My humblest apologies to these honored Knights for this oversight.

For the younger Knights, or those that haven't discovered all the user colors yet, here is a key to each color:

These are site Admins. They are to be feared (especially if their name is Rydia, a notoriously harsh and vindictive Admin. Cross her, and you'll regret it. *shivers*). That may or may not have been said in jest. If I suddenly disappear from the site, well, then I'll let you draw your own conclusions. ;)

Dark Green:
These are General Moderators. They are to be treated with dignity (especially @Lauren2010. No bias there. *cough-Crew Leader-cough* Unless they're @Iggy, who just recently became co-leader with Lauren. Then tread carefully. #YWSprankster XD). They lead the various Junior Moderator crews on the site, and along with the Admins award Knights' badges.

Light Green:
These are the Junior Moderators, of which I am one. (That means I get to say "we" and get away with it. Yes! :D ). We are to respected, honored, feared, obeyed unconditionally...okay, we deserve the same amount of respect as all the other Knights. Basically, we're just a radioactive version of all of you (with Moderator abilities, of course).

Clementine (or orange or gold, depending on your perspective):
These are the retired Admins or General Moderators. These honorable Knights were once red or dark green. They are to be revered (especially Hannah, KotGR's founder).

Dark Blue:
No less important because they retired as Junior Moderators, these Knights were once light green. They served loyally as Junior Moderators until they saw fit to take a much needed retirement from moderating. They are to be duly honored.

And now we get to the backbone of the Knights, the serfs*cough*citizen-soldiers! Without these Knights, KotGR couldn't exist! We need every Knight, be they citizen, Moderator, or Admin. They are to be lauded with praises.
D.F.P., Knight Dragon

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Reviews: 508
Thu Jan 09, 2014 3:27 am
dragonfphoenix says...

Knight Adna received her Knighthood, and her noble name has been added to the Knights' Roster. Congratulations!
D.F.P., Knight Dragon

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Sun Apr 20, 2014 3:10 am
KotGRCommander says...

Knights @Kyana @GreenTulip, @catcha01, and @Buggiedude2340 have joined the ranks, bolstering the Knights' numbers to 69. We are thrilled to have all of you!!!

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