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Knights of the Green Room Great Hall

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Mon Sep 09, 2019 11:25 pm
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KotGRCommander says...

The Commander paraded in, carrying a list of pledges and battle plans from the recent events of the Review Month. He did a double-take seeing Knight @Querencia and Knight MJ (@Tuckster) wearing bright cyan lengths of fabric pinned to the outside of their armor they were busily conversing about Reviewing Victories and Strategies with Squire Liberty (@Liberty) and Consultant, Knight Fraey (@fraey) who were dressed in similar cyan adornment.

"Greetings good Knights & Squires, I've heard great news of your Green Room battles from my lookout position in the field! I'm not following what all this color changing business is, but nonetheless I am proud that you and other Reviewing Knights are representing the Knights of the Green Room so worthily!

Knight Fraey would you come forward? It's good to see you outside the stable grounds, thank you for all of your diligent service on our Court. I see you've got a receipt of reviews here?"

Knight Fraey stepped forward and handed the Commander an extremely lengthy list of reviews, "All should be in order Commander!"

"I'll trust the auditing department counted correctly, and I present you with this voucher for a chest of silver - redeemable at the Castle Treasury."

"Now, Squire Liberty would you come forward as well, I hear that you've been through quite a storm and Green Room battle to get these reviews, it's high time that we bring you officially into our order, please kneel."

Several other Knights and Office Squires stood up and drew closer to get a better view of the Knighting Ceremonies. Meanwhile the Green Room Band unloaded their tubas, trumpets, and bands, and began playing their customary out-of-tune peppy music. Meanwhile Squire Liberty made her way to the front, clutching a short list of reviews, and knelt in front of the assembly.

"Squire Liberty, you have served this order bravely already with your reviewing and achievements, I have found your records to be in good order, and hereby Knight you with all the honors and privileges associated. You will henceforth carry the title of Knight Liberty, I also present you this sword to engage in your future battles with.

I ask you to review with bravery, with generosity, and to protect the works of the Green Room from this day forward.


The assembly broke out in applause, and many Knights grabbed their punch for the road, inspired to continue back into the battle field of Review Month.

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Tue Sep 10, 2019 2:21 pm
FlamingPhoenix says...

Knight Phoenix walked proudly walked into the green room, a grin spread across her face. "Huzzah my fellow Knight!" She called out. "I have come from the green room to get the Badge of the Shrubbery, I reviewed a work that has been in the green room for a year now!"
Knight Shikora's log

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