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HarryHardy's Rise to the Top Short Story Contest

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Wed Dec 28, 2022 10:56 pm
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WeepingWisteria says...


Greetings Mortals...

Haha, just kidding. I've always wanted to say that. Welcome, all, to the official unofficial short story contest celebrating @HarryHardy (who is now going by Kate), the site-renowned Princess of Darkness', rise to the top! While she's known for her fantastic reviews, I'm asking you to channel Kate through another one of her common exploits for this contest.

In 2021, she introduced the disaster lesbian Cassandra Sophia Danvers to the Storybook College in New Rome. She was followed by Susan from the Roleplay Realm The Beach and Samalka from the Storybook the Elementals. Since then, Kate made it a habit to make all her new RP characters S-named lesbians, with a total of seventeen, scattered through duos, hollows, realms, and storybooks. And that's just in the RPs that are currently launched.

Today, I'm challenging you to add to the ranks of the S-named lesbian disasters by writing a short story that features such a character. Participating is simple! All you need to do is write a short story, publish it through the YWS publishing center, and fill out the form below. In order to be considered, your story must be no less than one thousand words, but no more than two thousand. All submissions must be submitted by the end of Jan. 11th. PST.

First Place: 500 Points and 2 Reviews
Second Place: 250 Points and 1 Review
Third Place: 100 Points and 1 Review

Entry Form!
Story Link:
Link to Your Favorite Kate Review:

Good luck, participants!!

“the wist i knew would never allow a straight boy in their stories” ~Omni
“Hi Omni can I request wist get the role mom friend :]" ~winter
“ah yes, fear Wist's smile :) <- speaks of layers and layers of secrets” ~mint

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Sun Jan 08, 2023 2:02 pm
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Liminality says...

Story Link: What a Girlfriend Is (or Serena’s Slice-of-life in Space)
(1522 words)
Link to Your Favorite Kate Review: I really liked Kate's review on this piece of mine from a while back -> The Sentinel
Kate identifies a lot of 'change points' or developments in that really short story there which was really neat and helpful!

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