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Review Rampage

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Thu Jan 03, 2019 6:29 am
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ReviewRampage says...

Review Rampage Entry Thread

Here's the thread to post your Review Rampage entries!

Head on over to the Q&A thread to learn about the terms of entry, then fill out the entry form and paste it below.

This competition is being run by @ShadowVyper and @Omnom, so feel free to contact either of them with questions -- preferably via the Q&A thread linked above!

Entry Form

Code: Select all
[b]Number of Reviews Bet:[/b]

[b]Number of Points Bet:[/b]

[b]Date Reviews Will Be Done By [mm/dd/yyyy]:[/b]

[b]Your Time Zone:[/b]

[b]Current Number of Reviews Completed:[/b]

Remember to add info about your opponent if you're choosing to enter a Duel.

Now go get your Rampage on!

~ Current Rampages ~

None so far! Start your Rampage below...
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Tue Sep 22, 2020 2:43 am
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Vincian says...

Seeing as it's RevMo time, what better way to finish it than with a Review Rampage? And, guess what, I'm challenging @ShadowVyper to see who can get to 50 reviews the fastest, or just get to them, by the end of RevMo! That's 15 reviews each!! Since this is gonna be a lot of reviews, I'm throwing in 1000 points! While I'm at it, I'm challenging @Tuckster to the same challenge! Let's see who gets there first c:<

Number of Reviews Bet: 15

Number of Points Bet: 1000

Date Reviews Will Be Done By [mm/dd/yyyy]: 9/30/2020

Your Time Zone: CST

Current Number of Reviews Completed:
  1. Before the Dragon - Chapter 19 (LMS IV)
  2. Assignment: Rebirth 1.1
  3. Before The Dragon (Revamp) - Chapter 2.1 (Revised)
  4. Before The Dragon (Revamp) - Chapter 2.2 (Revised)
  5. Before the Dragon - 3.1
  6. Before the Dragon - 3.2
  7. Before The Dragon - Chapter 4.1
  8. Before the Dragon - Chapter 20 (LMS IV)
  9. Before the Dragon - Chapter 21 (LMS IV)
  10. Before the Dragon - Chapter 22 (LMS IV)
  11. Before the Dragon - Chapter 23 (LMS IV)
  12. Before the Dragon - Chapter 24
  13. Before the Dragon - Chapter 26
  14. Before the Dragon - Chapter 27
  15. Before the Dragon - Chapter 28
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Tue Sep 22, 2020 3:00 am
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Tuckster says...

I accept @Omnom's challenge and I also challenge @ShadowVyper to the first to 50 reviews.

Number of Reviews Bet: 15

Number of Points Bet: 1000

Date Reviews Will Be Done By [mm/dd/yyyy]: 9/30/2020

Your Time Zone: EST

Current Number of Reviews Completed: 4/15
1. work/CyberGenji/The-Distorted-Dream--Chapter-1-148838#c699841
2. work/RadDog13579/The-Harvest--Chapter-11-148836#c699845
3. work/Vil/His-Name-is-Richard--Prologue-148841#c699859
4. work/Buranko/Nature-Poem-148766#c699861
5. work/Vil/America-Gone--Prologue-Revised-148854#c699911
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Sat Oct 03, 2020 3:53 am
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Vil says...

Number of Reviews Bet: 6

Number of Points Bet: 600

Date Reviews Will Be Done By: October 6, 2020

Your Time Zone: Central Time

Current Number of Reviews Completed:
1. Before the Dragon - Chapter 2 (LMS IV)
2. Before the Dragon - Chapter 3 (LMS IV)
3. work/ShadowVyper/Before-the-Dragon--Chapter-4-LMS-IV-141621?c=700500#c700500
4. Judas
5. Before the Dragon - Chapter 5 (LMS IV)
6. Before the Dragon - Chapter 6 (LMS IV)
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Sat Oct 10, 2020 10:48 am
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ReviewRampage says...

Through the war of RevMo, @Vincian, @Tuckster, and @ShadowVyper fought through Green Room beasts, the drudge of novels, and the emotions of poetry, all for the hope of that glorious gold, with the Rampage to boot! @Vincian found their goal first achieved first two days before the deadline with the 15 reviews completed. Not to be outdone, and striving for the finish at the very end, @ShadowVyper clawed their way through the victory on the last day to achieve the gold and their 15 reviews! The rough seas of RevMo unfortunately squashed @Tuckster under its unrelenting clutches, but @Tuckster did not leave the rampage without their fair share of reviews, completing an impressive 5 more reviews before the end of RevMo!

@Vil, looking for a bit of an incentive after the demanding RevMo, challenged themselves to 6 reviews with merely days to complete them. And, sure enough, Vil completed them in only a day! They have then earned themselves 1200 points!

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