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The Squills Serial Round-Robin Contest

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Fri Apr 08, 2016 2:00 pm
SquillsBot says...

Welcome to the Squills Serial Round-Robin!

Squills is delighted to announce the advent of a new serialized fiction platform! In the tradition of popular periodicals published throughout the 19th and 20th centuries, like The Pickwick Papers by Charles Dickens and Harriet Beecher’s Uncle Tom’s Cabin, our very own Squills Serial Round-Robin will feature creative instalments on a bi-monthly basis. The best part is that we want your submissions and your ingenious chapters!

how does it work?
A round-robin is not just a fat bird. In fact, it is a method that is often used in scheduling or tournaments to ensure that everyone gets to have their share of something. In this case, the Squills Serial Round-Robin would involve people submitting single chapters in response to the chapter previously featured. For example, Person A writes Chapter 1 and Person B follows up with Chapter 2. However, this is done with little to no collaboration. After Chapter 1 submissions are reviewed and one is selected to feature in Squills, then submissions for Chapter 2 will become available and so on. The serial can be either a short story, a novella, or a novel – that’s really up to how each instalment is written!

i would like to submit a chapter!
Awesome! Because this is the inaugural issue, you must write a first chapter. Aside from the limitations of your own imagination, we do have a few guidelines for submission:

    • Chapters should be between 600-2000 words.
    • You can write whatever you like as long as it remains 12+. Click here to read more about YWS’ content ratings guidelines.
    • Chapters must be fiction.
    Proofread as best as you can beforehand.
    • We require original, unseen work. This means you cannot submit a first chapter or part of a story that you have already posted on YWS.

When you’re ready to submit, PM SquillsBot with your chapter. The winning first chapter will selected based on content and long-term potential.

what if my chapter is not selected?
Have no fear! We will eventually be calling for second, third, fourth chapters and so on. You will still be eligible to submit then. Of course, you will not be able to submit the same chapter you wrote before because it will need to be in response to the previous chapter.

What are you waiting for? PM SquillsBot with your first chapter for a chance to be our very first serial round-robin author!

The deadline is .

Questions, concerns, comments? Leave them in this thread or PM SquillsBot .

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