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Recruiting writers for a video game!

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Mon Dec 19, 2011 2:01 am
LxnderSpeck says...

Greetings to all YWSers! :D

A friend of mine is planning on creating a video game and he is looking for staff. I suggested recruiting Members of YWS! :D
So now we are looking for writers who are experienced in the following areas: Story line and Dialogue .

Here is the requirements-

1.) Must be 18+
2.) Must have time to work on the project. (we understand if you are in college, a lot of us are)
3.) Must work well with others.
4.) Must have access to Facebook, Cell phone. (who does not have them)

Once passed by me, I will send the applicants to our head guy. (requirements may change or might add depending on our head guy)

If you are interested in applying, contact me via Facebook:

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