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Tue Aug 30, 2011 10:34 pm
BenFranks says...

Good Evening, YWSers.

My e-Magazine, Pie, has set-up a fiction publishing wing to coincide with the enlistment of my new Books Editor. We use a site which prints on demand (a self-publishing site) and will format/edit/design your piece of literature suitable for publishing - absolutely free. Pie Magazine UK can secure an ISBN Number, which in turn allows your work to be sold in online market places such as Amazon or Lulu.

Unfortunately, our service to publish you is highly competitive and we can therefore not guarantee your work shall be published. Although we are a completely free service, if you're successful the money your book makes will go back into our magazine. Therefore you'll be investing in our publishing service mainly for publicity and getting your name known.

Pie Magazine UK will give authors sole copyright of their works and you are free to publish with any other company parallel to a deal set-up with our own Administrative directors.

If you're interested in free publication of your works with Pie Magazine UK for publicity and are interested in finding out more, please e-mail me with an enquiry.

Ben Franks
Editor in Chief
Benjamin Franks
~ Editor in Chief, Pie Magazine | An Editor's Blog.

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