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Great New Writing Community (e-publishing)

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Thu Jun 16, 2011 7:38 pm
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tjwell01 says...

Just thought I'd pass along some thoughts...I think the options for writing communities aren't as vast and fruitful as I previously hypothesized when I first set out to partake in online writing communities. In fact, there might be only 4 or 5 good sites worth publishing your work on. They also get blurred together. YWS is one of them for sure, but I also noticed Harper Collins' is back online with a new look...if you didn't know.

I used to post work on their old site because I liked the fact that their editors actually want to publish the best work on the site--which is an amazing feature I think. Everyone talks about e-publishing and self-publishing but Inkpop also does that. Also like that the site feels like a real forum that listens to concerns. We all know what it's like to live in packed yet quiet forum when it seems like no one is listening.

Regardless, I'll be checking out the new site again soon. YWR rocks, but I'm willing to give InkPop another shot just for a change of scenery.

See you guys there, hopefully.

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Wed Jul 27, 2011 10:12 pm
lele253isme says...

The funny thing is, I was just about to get more active in inkpop. It seems awesome with the new look. And is it me, or was it always a little...slow? I'll check out your work on inkpop!!! I am lele253isme, of course, I think i am. Anyway, its nice to find some new..inkpopers...

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Thu Jul 28, 2011 7:47 pm
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Jas says...

I used to be an Inkpopper and some of my stuff got pretty high on the ranking thing but I didn't like how barely anyone reviewed for fun and how big it was. I like YWS because you're basically guaranteed at least 2 reviews on all your pieces and all the reviews are informative and helpful. On Inkpop, the reviews were more like 'I LOVED THIS! WRITE MORE! PICK MY STUFF!' with no real intention to help you. I might go back and check it out, but for now YWS is number one.
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