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Sun Oct 03, 2021 11:31 am
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lukekazey says...

Hi y'all,

Just a quick little message to tell you all about Wakefield LitFest. We're a literature festival made for and by 14-25 year olds, based in Wakefield, UK.

We're currently accepting submissions to our zine, for publishing around November. Our zine is centred around hopefulness and climate change. If you'd like more information on this please drop me a message. Three winning entries will receive a prize of £100, and runners-up will be published also. Submissions are open to writers worldwide.

We're also running numerous events, such as a panel discussion, poetry open mic night event, and various writing workshops throughout October, many of which are accessible worldwide online. Again, for more information message me or check out our social medias.

Finally, we're looking for poetry recommendations to put on our social media in the coming weeks. If you have any suggestions, please drop me a message!


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