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Looking for Attendees - Vermont Young Writers Conference

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Wed May 06, 2020 12:05 pm
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ReallyGandalf says...

Hello everyone!

My name is Kaleb Gates, I'm 21 and a lifelong writing-addict.
DISCLAIMER: I'm making this post, not as someone majorly affiliated with the conference, but as one of the alumni / mentors. Due to the corona-virus outbreak, things are pretty rocky for this beloved event -- I want to do everything in my power to help it succeed. As such, nothing you read below is a sponsored comment or any of that jazz. I'm speaking from the heart people!

Do you want to attend a writing conference?

First, please know we are thinking of you as this pandemic washes over—trusting that you’re taking good care of yourselves & loved ones. And while the skies are lowering, please allow us to remind you of your badger nature: deep-digging, ferocious, endlessly adaptable.

In light of that, and in honor of the stories building in each of you, we have decided the 2020 Vermont Young Writers’ Conference must go on. However, instead of three in-person conferences, this summer we will offer one VIRTUAL writing conference for high school students from Thursday, June 25, to Sunday, June 28. Going cyber will allow us to expand our workshop offerings, while maintaining our traditional schedule of events. It is our hope that you will emerge from three days of VYWC as enriched, interconnected, & invincible as if we had been circling the fire on Summer’s Gale Farm.

As ever, expect to participate in over ten hours of intensive fiction, poetry, songwriting, creative non-fiction, script writing and filmmaking workshops; exchange and critique manuscripts; attend interactive craft sessions; and meet one-on-one with your workshop leader. In addition to Moth storytelling, poetry slams, & open mic sessions, we will offer agri-tutorials on beekeeping, soil building, & environmental stewardship.

This year, we’ll be offering adult classes as well. Teachers, writerly parents, and other aspiring authors are welcome to join us, and will be assigned to an adult-only workshop.

To accommodate this change, we have extended our APPLICATION DEADLINE to May 14. Students may apply via the Submittable platform on our Application & Fees page. If you have already submitted your application, rest assured the review process will begin shortly.

To reiterate the above quoted text from the site:
The conference runs from Thursday, June 25, to Sunday, June 28 online
The date to apply by is currently May 14th*

*although I happen to know that Jim and Lesley are sweethearts, and if you send them an email and say some kind words to them, they will likely let you sign up well after whatever deadline stated on the site.

For the price you pay, you get 10 hours of workshops with real deal professionals in the craft -- and these are small workshops. I still keep in touch with my old workshop leaders, and there's nothing stopping you from making connections here too.

This conference, which was previously the Champlain College Young Writers Conference, has always meant so much to so many people. The things you can experience, and the people you can meet might just change your life. If you have the time and money, it's definitely worth it.

Plus, the money you do spend is going to Jim and Leslie - just two people who run a farm in Vermont. Not some nasty corporate writing seminar. They grow garlic for pete's sake. Garlic, people!

And, if you are into it, you can participate in live readings, online poetry slams, you name it. Jim is an old man. He doesn't know computers very well. But you know what, that isn't going to stop him. If you show up, by gosh or golly, you are going to hear from all of your peers. Imagine this beautiful forum, but live! Exactly!

End of Enthusiasm.

I hope you consider the conference. Browse the website!

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Sat May 23, 2020 5:50 am
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ReallyGandalf says...

Hello everyone,

I just wanted to both bump this post, as it has been ~20ish days since I made the original, and let you know that the information on the website has changed slightly.

Applications ARE STILL OPEN as of my writing this. The keynote speaker is award winning novelist Lily King -- if you attend you can pick her brain about just about anything you want!

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity, the conference doesn't take people (as students :wink:) past their high school years. Check it out, by clicking the link in the above post.

EDIT: also, you can pick my brain by posting a reply here! I don't bite!

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Sun Nov 29, 2020 12:00 pm
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Purple67 says...

Do they accept 13 years old writers?

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Sun Nov 29, 2020 12:21 pm
Mageheart says...

@Purple67, I'm not affiliated with the conference so I'm not entirely sure, but I did attend the conference this summer. If I remember right, acceptance isn't really based on your age - it's more based on your grade. If you're a high school student, you should be able to attend. :)

(The website specifically says rising freshman, which means you can also be accepted if you just left eighth grade and you'll be going into your freshman year of high school the next year.)

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