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Thu Aug 04, 2016 5:59 pm
ANADIR says...

Hello everybody!
I THINK this is the correct forum to put this in, but please tell me if i'm wrong.
As i'm sure some of you know, I recently finished my books 'writing' stage and was looking for people to beta read my book. I managed to find someone on Goodreads, and he did a really fantastic job. He got back to me in only a few days, and not only gave me 5 pages of reasonably detailed information and pointed out some minor grammar/spelling errors, he also did it all for free.
He said that he is trying to get some people to give him testimonials so he can one day start up a charged service. I really liked his work, so I thought I would link you guys to him in case you also had a book that was in need of beta reading. You should definitely take advantage of his offer while he is still doing this for free.

Name: Nick Frampton
Email: [email redacted]

(And yes, I checked with him before I put his information up here.)
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