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Fri Sep 25, 2015 3:51 am
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Rook says...

I know I just posted here... what, not a month ago? With the vagabond city journal thing, but these publishing opportunities keep falling in my lap and I feel obliged to share them with my fellow friends here.

The Broken Plate is a nationally distributed literary magazine produced by Ball State University undergraduates. The magazine features poetry, fiction, creative nonfiction, screenwriting, one act plays, art and photography, book reviews, and interviews.

I have no idea the age requirements (if there be any) or other requirements they have. If you are accepted and published you receive 2 copies of the journal as "pay." No previously published works.
Others of the guidelines can be read here: http://thebrokenplate.org/submit/
Instead, he said, Brother! I know your hunger.
To this, the Wolf answered, Lo!

-Elena Passarello, Animals Strike Curious Poses

we went from advice to meth real quick
— ShadowVyper