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Thu May 07, 2015 10:22 pm
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TaliesinNexus says...

Calliope Authors Workshop and MFA Scholarships

Announcing two brand new Taliesin Nexus [] programs, the Calliope Workshop and MFA Scholarships for liberty-inspired fiction and nonfiction book authors. The workshop takes place August 21-23 at UCLA. And it's all free -- free tuition, free room and board, even travel for many. We are also offering MFA scholarships for up to $4000 for aspiring authors studying for an MFA degree.

The workshop will provide invaluable feedback on your story ideas, as well as career advice from our faculty of successful writers, publishers and other industry leaders. The deadline for application submission is May 25, 2015. Go here: for more information and to apply! And please share this with your friends!

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