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Tumbhi Invites Entries for ‘Somewhere Sometime’ Short Story

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Thu Feb 16, 2012 11:13 am
tumbhi says...

Tumbhi, a talent showcase platform for writers, actors, models, singers, music composers, short film makers, lyricists, poets and photographers, has announced ‘Somewhere Sometime’, a Short Story Contest. Through this contest, Tumbhi aims to discover, explore, nurture and give opportunity to the writing talent worldwide.

“After the phenomenal success of poetry writing contest, Nadaan Parindey, our belief was reconfirmed that there is tremendous writing talent – not only in India, but worldwide. Such talent just needs a platform to showcase their work and get helpful feedback and comments from eminent judges who understand their work. With ‘Somewhere Sometime’, we aim to provide such platform to the artists. Distinguished panel of judges including Javed Siddiqui, Pankaj Shukla and Kiran Khalap is going to review and judge the entries for this contest. And of course there are prizes to win. We look forward to receiving wonderful short stories from creative writers and bloggers worldwide”, says Robin Rastogi, Senior Executive at Tumbhi.
The entry for the contest ‘Somewhere Sometime’ is absolutely free. Writers can submit as many short stories as they want – the only condition is that the story should have a ‘Twist in the tale’. As with any other contests of Tumbhi, this is also completely online. To participate, one simply needs to upload his/her short story at ... metime.jsp.

The winners will be chosen by the eminent panel of judges. The prizes include Kindle 3G, Apple iPod and cash prizes. Along with the prizes, the winners will also get certificates from Tumbhi and mention on Tumbhi website, blog, in the online press release and social media platforms. So there is name, fame and glory!
The last date for submission of entries is February 29, 2012. For more information on the contest, visit ... metime.jsp.

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