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What's Your Optimal Writing Conditions?

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Wed Jan 25, 2012 4:35 am
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Paracosm says...

Everyone has them. I don't believe there is a writer on God's green Earth who doesn't prefer writing at a certain place, time, or other condition. I'm curious as to yours!

For me, as OCD (Self-diagnosed, probably not really OCD.) as I am (Probably am not.), things must be right to write. It has to be dark wherever I am writing. I have to be using a black keyboard, I can stand to use white, but it draws my eyes away from the writing. Font has to be set right, the style doesn't matter, but the size MUST be 12. I can't have anyone else around, just me and my characters.

I like the TV on, but the volume semi-low. I have to have my headphones on. I tried ear buds, but they don't block out enough sound, or feel quite right. I usually eat first, a banana, or apple or something. I like to be drinking Dr. Pepper. And I loosen up, which usually involves pretending I'm having a seizure till my muscles are nice and loose.

So what are your optimal writing conditions?
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