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Thu Jan 12, 2012 12:54 am
PixieStix says...

Okay so the goal of this game is to start a story and then keep gowing and then finish it like 20 years later so this story just keeps going on and on and on and make sure you ad some randomness to it! for example:

Holly Hobshkins was a regular school girl with dreams of becoming famous, like all the other girls in the world. But Holly was different, she spread apart from A's and B's and "straight E's" as she would say, whatever that meant, people got curious. She was raised in New Mexico by a pair of Yellow elephants (see the randomness?) and grew to be a zookeeper :) and one day Holly was feeding the Orange dragons (More randomness) and got bit in the leg and got superpowers to fly. And this is where the story of Holly Hobshkins starts....

Okay so now you have to continue the story remmeber the randomness people! thats what makes the story funny! Now you may begin...
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