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Anyone want to Ghost Write a Horror Story?

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Tue May 07, 2019 2:34 am
AmadeusW says...

There is one story that I don't want to write, but I want it to be written. Anyone want to write it?

Spoiler! :
The Martyr is a horror story. It takes place in the fictional town of Zhertva, Russia. One by one, starting with a young boy named Alexis Afanisyev, children disappear into the deadly tundra known as the Wasteland. They are called to a specific area of the Wasteland known as the Hollow, where they are gathered by an evil spirit of vengeance who orders them to commit suicide. Yet after they commit suicide, they all come back to life, now possessed by the spirit known as The Martyr. The terrorized townspeople must figure out who or what is behind these disappearances, and expeditions are made to find the children. It becomes a matter of fighting evil without hurting the children in the process. Will the townspeople succeed? They had never believed in paranormal legends before, but now they must.

So far I have not named the other characters, but here's a few of them that will be needed.

1: The Lone Hunter: he is a man who lives in the Wasteland alone and survives in a small mountain cabin. He finds Alexis dead, yet is terrified when the boy comes back to life in his living room with a demon possessing him.

2: Alexis' mother: She is held up in the town per the sheriff's orders. Meanwhile she loses her sanity and slowly begins creating a following of parents whose children also went missing.

3: The Sheriff: He is in charge of sending out teams and investigating the disappearances. He at first didn't believe in the supernatural, but began to see things that led him to believe there was a spirit behind these disappearances.

4: The Martyr himself: A vengeful spirit of a man who is eternally angry at the town of Zhertva for killing his son.

Reply to this thread A) with an offer to write this story, B) An introductory excerpt of your version of this story - in a spoiler box, please; and C) In a second spoiler box, tell me why you would like to write this story, what your ideas are to expound upon it and make it your own, and why you think you are the best writer for this work.

I will send a Decline or Accept message privately to all applicants.

:twisted: :D
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Tue May 07, 2019 7:08 pm
manilla says...

ooh, i might do something like this, but it'll take a while and i don't have the time as of now. interesting premise.
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Mon Jun 03, 2019 1:56 am
winterwolf0100 says...

Hello! I just wanted to say I didn't see this post before I added to your story The Martyr. :shock: So sorry! I can take it down if you want me to, but I added the finding of the boy (Alexis) from the Lone Hunter's point of view. Again, I understand if you want me to take it down, and I am SO sorry for posting it before I commented on this. Also:

A) I would love to help co-write this, or to write it while adding your ideas. It is a super interesting story and I'm very interested in it.

Spoiler! :
I’ve seen many bizarre things when hunting. I’ve seen deers with antlers locked together, raccoons chasing squirrels, and even a wolf in a tree. But I have to say— the dead body was a first. When I woke up this morning, the only thing on my mind was the long hike I would have to take down to town to get new boots for the winter, fast approaching, when it would be nearly impossible for me to make the trip.

Only halfway down the mountain though, the only place for miles that had a forest— the rest was tundra— I tripped. This within itself was unusual because I’m in the forest all day, every day. In short, I don’t trip. When I looked down to see what I had tripped over, I have to admit— I wasn’t surprised. People were murdered all the time. It was only a matter of time before the craze hit someone in this tiny, remote town. So no, the body wasn’t the thing that creeped me out. What did creep me out was the fact that it was a boy. And not just a boy, but a young one. He could only be 8 or 9, and yet something about the body felt off. It just didn’t feel right. How did he die? How did he end up here, of all places? There weren’t any car tracks, so he wasn’t driven here, but there weren’t any signs of struggle. There was also only one set of footprints.
This is the first two paragraphs of what I have written.

Spoiler! :
I have a lot of ideas for this story, mainly starting with this idea that when the children are possessed, they return to the town, but the parents know something is off. Only the first couple of children, Alexis and a few others, don't return, which prompts the searches led by the sheriff and the parents, aided by the Lone Hunter. The first couple children are out on their mission from the Martyr, which is not yet revealed, and the other children that do return home act strange. Sometimes they're caught talking to no one, and other times they are caught talking in a voice that isn't theirs. Whenever they meet up to play, they only talk, and they talk for hours about plans only they know. Throughout the story, we follow them as the readers try to figure out what the Martyr is trying to do. Eventually, all of the children disappear for the final ritual, which will bring the Martyr alive to a full human form. These are just starter ideas for it, but I would love to write this with you! I personally consider myself an okay writer, and would love to grow as a writer through writing a genre I don't usually write (horror). !
Thanks for considering me!

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