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Wonder Woman

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Sat Jun 17, 2017 3:11 am
CaptainJack says...

I'd like to present two versions of her famous theme song before we begin.
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I went and saw the movie Tuesday night. I liked. Those are emotions currently because why did Steve have to die??? I was used to the 1975 version with all the romantic tension and Diana just thinking Steve was a stupid jerk but still being in love with him. Where did that go?

Besides those feelings though, I did actually like this movie and now I'm really hyped for Justice League. I wasn't after just seeing Batman vs Superman but Wonder Woman ties up more hope and truth and justice and feminism and the American way. And I was going somewhere but I forgot it.

So what are the thoughts of the fans of the cinematic industry? Or really anyone who is willing to show up and say something?

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Wed Aug 02, 2017 12:58 am
Starhunter says...

I liked it and thought it was a good movie, but unfortunately it had SO many similarities to "Captain America: The First Avenger" that I feel that if you have seen both, they are impossible to separate. Even though it is original, due to the fact that Wonder Woman came out after, it will always feel to me like Captain America with a girl.

There's even a guy named Steve who goes down in a plane. What are the odds.

By itself, I enjoyed the movie pretty well. I loved Wonder Woman, and I thought Steve Trevor's part was pretty well written and played. I loved the mythology to it, Diana's determination and innocence, the idea of going after the God of War, the fact that it was during WWI... there was a lot to like.

I didn't like the rest of the gang, mostly because it felt like they were just copying that part of Captain America (he also gathered his own team of multinational buds: an Englishman, an Asian American, an African American, a Frenchman, and his best friend. Steve gathered his own multinational team, with a Native American, a Scotsman, and an Arab (carefully not choosing any of the nationalities that were Captain America's friends.)

I also REALLY didn't like the villains, who felt like cackling cartoon bad guys who are evil because they are evil. It doesn't help that they actually cackle at one point. I want to watch a movie with a fleshed-out villain, not Snidely Whiplash.
I also felt that the actor playing Ares was miscast.... he is always a good bad guy, but he lacked the physicality that I personally feel the God of War should have.
The ending was also incredibly similar to Captain America, although I liked the lesson that Diana learned, meaning that even though people aren't always good or apparently worth saving, you have to save them anyway because that is justice and you need to have mercy and give people a chance. Sort of, anyway...

So, overall, yes I enjoyed it, but to me it was overshadowed by Captain America, which I like more.
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Wed Aug 02, 2017 3:09 am
Nymeria says...

I loved it. And I'm someone who's never really been into superheroes. I've seen Thor and the first Avengers but that's it. I saw Wonder Woman with no idea what I was getting into and I was blown away.

I didn't know that wonder woman was a goddess. I didn't know what that golden rope was. I had never heard of the Amazon Warriors. And I think that made it so much more awesome for me.

I can't compare WW to other super hero movies, and maybe that's a good thing. I fell in love with Diana and Steve without knowing any of their history. It took me until the very end of the movie to figure out that the picture was sent from Batman.

One thing I didn't like and this is totally weird and personal is Ares was played by Professor Lupin from Harry Potter. He is one of my favorite characters and such a good guy. I hated seeing him evil. That's really the only complain that I have, and it's a silly one.

I thought Wonder Woman was a fantastic movie as it was exciting, funny and sad in the right amounts.

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