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Pokémon Sun/Moon (Games)

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Thu Apr 27, 2017 5:04 pm
Lumi says...


Released in the traditional fourth quarter of 2016, Pokemon Sun and Moon brought the Pokemon universe into an entirely new scope with more new features than most people want to give credit for.

My personal favorite was the removal of necessary and 'permanent' HM moves in lieu of the Ride Call feature, which both gave a more immersive experience in the world and brought you closer to the people of the Alola region. In fact, every aspect of the story seemed to do this: from the abundance of allies you meet at your back to the host of baddie bad baddies that stand in the way of peace in the region.

There's also the new concept of region-specific forms of Pokemon, which I believe all were pleased with (can I hear someone saying postgame-relevant Muk?) I personally loved the hard tie-in to the original Kanto region, and enjoyed all the surprises that awaited me along the journey all the way up to the end.

But...the features (even the unnamed ones thus far) and the story in-game do not make up for the total lack of content after a very quick endgame romp to collect legendaries. Now...does this lend the game to replay? Or does it just fall flat? The Battle Tree is an intense PvP training regiment, but when the scale is set so high, more casual players may never get the items they need to properly compete without weeks or months of grinding the first ten floors.

But...chaining for shinies has taken the boon it's needed for eons. I think I may be one of the few I've spoken to who enjoyed the SOS system, but the results can be wonderful. What do you think?
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