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Michelle Branch-Hopeless Romantic

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Fri Mar 31, 2017 4:40 am
niteowl says...

Let's start with some fun facts!
Fun fact: The Spirit Room was probably my first favorite album that wasn't from a boy band.
Fun Fact 2: In 8th grade chorus, we had a special concert where we could have solos basically just by asking for them and I totally sang "Everywhere". On the off chance you were at that concert and are currently reading this, I am so so sorry for overestimating my singing abilities. :P

Okay, so I just pre-ordered Hopeless Romantic, which is Michelle Branch's first solo album in 14 years, due to be releaseed on April 7th. I loved her songs back in the day and still love them now, so naturally I'm super pumped about this. The new album was co-produced by Patrick Carney from The Black Keys, who she's now dating, so there's definitely a more rock/blues sound to the three released singles than her earlier work. I'm really liking the singles "Hopeless Romantic" and "Best You Ever"!

I'm not much of a media critic, but perhaps I'll try for this album once I've listened to it 50,000 times on April 8th. :P In the meantime, here's an interview and review of the album. And have some discussion questions.

1. Were you/are you a Michelle Branch fan? Does hearing the new sound change your mind?

2. What are your favorite songs by her?

3. Only tangentially related--I have this tendency to really enjoy an artist but then not really keep up with their newest stuff. Does anyone else do this or is this just me? In this case, I wouldn't have even known Michelle Branch had a new album coming out if I didn't happen to "like" her on Facebook.
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