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Alternate Spring Break Plans: Netflix

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Tue Mar 21, 2017 3:56 pm
CaptainJack says...

My plan for this week was to actually post something about Miss Peregrine and then work my way into a series of posts on stuff to watch on break. I do want some comments and recommendations for this seeing as this is supposed to be like a 'recommend stuff for your fellow users' forum post. I'll get it started then.

1.Title: Star Trek: Enterprise
Genre: Action/Adventure, Sci-fi
Movie or series: Series
Mini series/number of seasons: 4 seasons
Rating tv-14/pg-13
General Comments: As a Star Trek series, it's not exactly the best but it's better than Voyager to me. It has more of the comedy and good aliens of TOS, while still adding in minimal amounts of drama and love triangles and strained relationships, those features coming more from TNG and DS9. If you watch it as a comedy sci-fi, disconnected as far as possible from the Star Trek franchise, it's actually a pretty good show.

2. Title: Last Man Standing
Genre: Comedy
Movie or series: Series
Mini series/number of seasons: 5 seasons
Rating tv-14/pg-13
General Comments: For me, this is a show that's unusually balanced politically, which makes it appealing for many parts of my family. It's also a very straightforward, jump in at any episode at any time sort of show. You only need to know the bases of the story line to catch on to what's going on. It's a good show for casual, half working half watching time.

3. Title: Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea
Genre: Action/Adventure, Monster movie
Movie or series: Movie
Mini series/number of seasons: N/A
Rating pg
General Comments: I never loved the movie as much as I loved the tv series, but seeing as netflix doesn't have the series, I meant to re-watch this a couple weeks ago. Haven't gotten around to it yet but if you're looking for a change of venue for spy thrillers with some sea creatures here and there, check it out. If you want Irwin Allen's slightly cheesy taste in monsters and some international bad guys, all of his series are pretty good for this.

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