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These Gentle Wounds by Helene Dunbar

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Mon Feb 22, 2016 7:42 pm
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BasicPiper says...


First of all just look at that kid! He's so bae.

Second of all this is probably the single most underrated book I've ever had the pleasure of reading.


The book is about this 15 year old kid named Gordie who has PTSD and now lives with his half-brother Kevin--

Let me just stop right here and say that the relationship these two brothers have is beautiful. Kevin looks out for Gordie and they both truly care about each other, which isn't often represented in YA novels. (At least out of the countless ones that I've read ^-^)

--Gordie is desperately trying to put his tragic past behind him and move on when his biological father tries to force his way back into his son's life, turning Gordie's already messed up world completely upside down.


This book was really great and had all the feels packed into it. I recommended it to ALL my friends who would listen and now I'm telling you people.

I really,truly believe that this book deserves more recognition that it has now and I want to help change that.


Have you read this book?

If so what did you think of it?

If you haven't would you read it?
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Sun Mar 19, 2017 3:58 pm
BeTheChange says...

I now want to read this! :o

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