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Fri Oct 14, 2011 5:33 am
LxnderSpeck says...

Heyall! My user is lxnderspeck.
My real name is Alexander my good friends and mutual girl friends call me Alex.
I am 19.
I love video games: such as gw and gw2 and battlefield 2.
I am a huge movie buff!
I live in johns creek,Georgia,USA,
If close by, hit me up on Facebook! I am way too nice of a person, so I do need some sense knocked into me. Lol. :(
I am recently single and hurting. Would love some new friends to try and forget if you know how it feels....
I am very old fashion with an old fashioned opinion.
I am currentl going to Georgia perimeter college for financial reasons.
I love all kinds of music!
I am straight, yet most of the ppl who just meet me for the first time would say other words.
I have a horrid case of insomnia.
As of right now I am working on a story, it's a romantic fantasy.
If u have anymore questions just pm me, I love talking to ppl!:D

But what about second breakfast?
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