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Fri Apr 29, 2011 4:07 pm
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Cspr says...

Yes. So I've been here since November, so I decided I might as well try and tell everyone a bit about me so I'm not a weird floating head. Or something. Yes.


I started writing when I was eleven, stopped for about a half a year or so out of EXTREME WRITER'S BLOCK, and got started on fanfiction. The fanfiction made my writer's block go away and I started writing again. Then I did NaNo, am no longer really writing much fanfiction, and am working on the second draft of the novel I wrote when I was eleven. I now also write poetry and scripts.

I am part of another fantastic writers' club you've never heard of--because we meet in a library's basement and do not have a website. We're underground, you see. (Heh-heh.)

My favorite authors are Kate Cary, Scott Westerfield, J.K. Rowling, Cinda Chima Williams, Robin Wasserman, David Clement-Davies, and D.J. MacHale. Well, that's some of them, anyway. (I also quite like Stephen King's nonfiction work.)

My favorite shows are Life on Mars and Wire in the Blood.

The fiction books that most influence my writing: "Dragonhaven", "The Blue Sword", "The Warrior Heir", "The Wizard Heir", "The Dragon Heir", the Pendragon books, "The Chronicles of Narnia", and "Bloodline".

Television series I was obsessed with when writing my first book four years ago: Flight 29 Down.

About Me:

I've lived in a variety of Southern regions, my stays in differing lengths from years, six months, to two weeks--my family moves quite often--but I'm now pretty settled in a place which's name confuses Italians.

I have two cats (Lailah and Claire ) and a German Shepherd/Lab mix (Mollie).

I hate grapefruit.

My favorite color is yellow. Whether or not that is influenced by my yellow-orange pills is up in the air.

I've been told I'm morbid--and hilarious.

I'm a nondenominational Christian who goes to a church that supposedly either milks snakes or is filled to the brim with unreligious heretics. The other people here can't seem to decide which.

My gender is obscured because otherwise it would confuse my many muses. They have enough problems already, you see.

I tend to write fantasy, comedy, and horror. I also delve into the supernatural and skiffy sometimes.

I love mythology of all sorts and let it influence my stories or have a place in them as much as possible. Also, how Disney went and messed up perfectly good Brothers Grimm horror stories annoys me. Severely.
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Sat May 07, 2011 5:12 pm
Stori says...

It's a shame nobody has replied to your thread.

I've tried reading "The Warrior Heir" and couldn't finish it. Most of your favorite titles ring a bell, really.
How are you enjoying YWS so far?

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Sun May 22, 2011 5:49 am
Cspr says...

It is, isn't it? Obviously 'Hi?' isn't catchy enough. Should have gone with 'THIS IS A FAWESOME THREAD, DAWGS' or something.

That's a joke, yes. ...Also, thanks for responding. :D

...On the topic of the book, they're good, vaguely depressing, books if you can get through them. They're a bit slow but the actions scenes and character building... Not for everyone, maybe. (In response to the 'ringing-a-bell' thing--obviously, I'm not a hipster.)

About YWS--I've been liking it a lot. Very nice set-up, good reviewing system, and a nice way to share artwork on top of everything else (and get good critiques, which is rather rare--especially on, say, fictionpress or such). Only a few off reviews, but I deserved them. Eh, wish I could use tabs/be smart enough to figure out how to incorporate tabs, but that's about it. And the storybook/double-trouble writing-huddle stuff is epic.

And, of course, the members are all /so grand/. Any n00b mistakes of mine have been pointed out very nicely.

Basically, I'm a happy camper. *nods*
My SPD senses are tingling.

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