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The incredibly interesting and informative biography of ...

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Tue Jan 11, 2005 2:07 am
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asyouwish says...

The full title of this post: The incredibly interesting and informative biography of the seventeen years and three months in the life of asyouwish, also known as Becca, Bek, Bekker, Pep, Pepsi, Peppy (*gag*), Flit, Flitsy, and GeekFace.

Name: Becca
Nicknames: See Above
Age: 17
Hometown: Middle-of-Nowhere, Pennsylvania (about an hour north of Pittsburgh)

Favorite Genre: Teen Romance
Other favorites: Poetry and Fantasy
Favorite Theme to Use: My main character figuring out who they are and what they want in life. Finding a purpose
How long I've been writing: Sporadically since I was 10, but started writing seriously almost 2 years ago.
Works In Progress:
:arrow: Losing Grip (working title until I find something I don't hate...), which is your basic teen romance, but with it's own uniqueness.
:arrow: Somnius (probably official title) A teen fantasy with hints of romance (like I could really write something without romance...) About a boy who cuts himself off from the world, until his younger sister goes missing. He has to travel through the worlds of dreams to find her, but he gets sidetracked and really has absolutlely no idea what he's doing.

x.My Fandoms.x

My obsessions, my reasons for having a television, the internet, and a DVD player. In order of just how obsessed I am.

1. Newsies - I know absolutely everything you'd ever want to know about this movie. It's almost unhealthy. (And i'm a proud member of the Newsies Mailing List!!)
2. The Princess Bride - The absolute perfect movie for absolutely anyone. No matter what you like, it's there. (And I have the entire Miracle Max scene memorized!)
3. Harry Potter - The books and the movies. In the books, I adore the Weasley Twins, the Trio, Lupin, Sirius ( :( ) and Snape. In the movies, I adore Draco and Snape. Because Alan Rickman is just too hot for an old guy. (And I'm lining up at Barnes & Noble at midnight to get The Half-Blood Prince)
4. Kim Possible - I'm the biggest K/R shipper ever! I absolutely adore the humor on that show. It's just so smart and fresh. They play off of every action-movie and super-villain cliche ever, and it WORKS. It's just so perfect. (And I want to marry Ron Stoppable if he and Kim don't work out...)
5. Teen Titans - Very similar to my love of Kim Possible. I'm a huge BeastBoy/Raven shipper, but I love BeastBoy/Terra, too. If she came back, I wouldn't be disappointed. I feel sorry for the girl. Really, I support BeastBoy/anyone, because I just adore Beast Boy. He's really alot like Ron if you think about it... (And my cooking skills are equivalent to Starfire's. Isn't that a bit sad?) My live journal. It's friends only, so comment and mention YWS and I'll add you! My FanFiction Profile. I haven't updated my two WIP's on there in forever, so they may be deceased for good. Unless i get a sudden burst of inspiration for them.

Well, I believe I've bored you enough for now. :lol:

Love and Polka-Dots,

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Tue Jan 11, 2005 3:36 am
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Sam says...

sounds good...where are your stories? I'll critque them...:D
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Tue Jan 11, 2005 6:26 am
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Crysi says...

YESSSSS!!! I'm not the only one who absolutely adores Alan Rickman!!! :D

You rock lol. 8)
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