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Mon Mar 28, 2011 9:32 pm
flyinginvisible says...

Figured I'd introduce myself a bit, since I'm liking the site and such.
I'm currently a vegeterian. One of my former close friends bet me I couldn't last a week as a vegeterian, and now it's almost been a year.
But, let's get real. Those chili-cheese dogs just keep sounding more delicious...and more delicious...
I'm in love with fictional characters, and I read as if I'm addicted to words.
Music fanatic = me. I play the clarinet in concert band and marching band, which, by the way, is one huge party. I love the piano, someday I'll find a better guitar teacher than youtube, and singing is fun. In my room. By myself. Where no one can judge. Maybe someday I'll find a stage to let everyone hear my thoughts in lyrics. But as for now, it's out of the question.
I'm into acoustic, hardcore, alternative, punk, and any good music. No country, and I hate most rap.
I'm not that social. Not at all popular. Not with the 'in' crowd, and definitely categorized as a loser.
But hey. All the interesting people are freaks.
Right? Right. :D
Besides writing, I'm also really into art.

Random things you probably couldn't care less about:

-This summer I'm going to teach myself how to skateboard, so I can whizz by kids who are thinking, 'Wow, I wish I was that cool,' but who actually say, "Wow, does she think she's cooler now or something?"
Nah, just because I want to learn how to skateboard.
- I'm currently listening to Jimmy Eat World.
- I tend to ramble on the internet. I think it's because I don't talk enough in the real world. I mean, I talk to a few people, but I don't normally say all that I want/need to.
- I wear a lot of black. Because I FEEL like it. And I advise you to start doing a lot more of what you feel like doing, and ignore the comments you might get. A strip of my hair is beautifully dyed purple, and why? Because I wanted a strip of my hair to be dyed purple.
I don't need a better reason.
This is my life.
- I'm kind of sad a lot.
"We're the new face of failure. Prettier, younger, but not any better off."

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Mon Mar 28, 2011 9:37 pm
Funkymomo says...

My name is Molly too!
Light one candle instead of cursing the darkness.

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Mon Mar 28, 2011 9:57 pm
lele253isme says...

Hello, lele here. I so want to teach myself to skateboard, too. I have always dreamed of whizzing by kids, hahaha. I love to whiz by people.

As I grow older, I pay less attention to what men say. I just watch what they do.
— Andrew Carnegie