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Ello to anyone who cares

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Fri Mar 18, 2011 4:29 am
paperbackheart says...

So hey! I just want to formally introduce myself since I'll be on here a lot more often. Well basically some stuff about me.

I live somewhere in the US in a very intolerant town with some of the most weird people. I have a violin (Aka) and guitair (Juanito) and I speak Spanish, well only a little. My stories are inspired by the voices in my head and my poetry is inspired by life.

Anything interesting...

My favorite color is silver. I have an obsession with that, I swear. My favorite instrument is the piano and violin. I'm mediocre on both, actually very bad on piano. My favorite food is chocolate covered cheese wrapped bacon because all three combined is heaven in the mouth. I love creating good breakfasts. My favorite music genre is undecided since I love everything. I actually love any type of music. Introduce me to a new artist and I'll love you forever. My best friend is also my secret crush, but we will never be since it's one-sided. *sigh* She's moving too, so that sucks.

Also! To explain the username, well I was going to do my normal one I use everywhere, but I was bored and feeling creative. The paperback, well I love books and paperbac is pretty cheap. The heart, well that just felt right. Cheap heart, pretty weird huh? I believe that too. Haha thanks to all relationships I've been in (counting friendships too) I am pretty cheap to win over. Anyway, any questions anything to say, ask away and I'll answer.

Au revour! (I hope I spelled that right.)
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Fri Mar 18, 2011 9:04 pm
HorsebackWriter says...

First off:

I'm a person who cares!

Second off:

Love your bio!

Third off:

Join the club, I'm easy to win over to.
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"And quite honestly, I've had enough trouble for a lifetime."

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Thu Jun 23, 2011 7:24 am
tigershark17 says...

Hey! I care! I am a pianist too, and I also love music. Here are some artists you might like:

David Lanz
Ryan Stewart
Hayley Westenra
Anna Nalick
Kevin Kern
Michele McLaughlin
Helen Jane Long
Jim Brickman
Brian Crain
Carrie Underwood
Neon Trees

Not all are piano, but a lot of them are.
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