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My username/nickname EXPLAINING

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Fri Mar 18, 2011 3:50 am
JointyCat says...

"Pain without love, Pain I cant get enough Pain I like it rough"
" You better be carefull you might get a cold from your cold heart"
" If love isnt a game then why are there so many players?"
If "LOVE" is this some sort of terrible s**** witch craft then why do so many peolpe dabble in it?
Dont they know that you will get burned in a fire and will get bruises from having a "Crush"

My little brother walked into my room crying one day I asked him whats wrong he told me that he was going to run away and that I was coming with him He said that our parents didnt love us... and thats why they are getting a divorce I began to cry here. So he begins packing a bag and brings 15 dollars and we walk out holding eachothers hand. The first month was hard sleeping on the street begging for food and water being clean but one day a very well dressed man walked by and told us to fallow him he said "I have been watching you and I want you to come and live with me" I had said ok and my brother had to but I needed a doctor becuse we had been jumped and I had been very badly injured but I also managed to get a few punches in. So we went to the doctor and told me that Id be fine and as I walked out of the door He said " See yah you lil Jointy Cat and dont get into to much trouble" That is why I picked this as my Username I am also called that at home. We are no longer living in the streets but a nice cozy home with plenty of food and water. I somtimes wish I could go back to the day we walked out and change it maybey I could have changed my past and future

Let the wild rumpus start!
— Maurice Sendak