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Mon Jan 03, 2011 1:06 am
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RacheDrache says...


Figured I'd been around long enough to ramble suitably at all of you, and so here I am, Ribbit the Avatar Frog. I'm tiny and green and rarely mean. But what can we say about this RachaelElg character, eh?

--Her name isn't actually RachaelElg. If it were, it would at least have a space in between the Rachael and the Elg.

--Her actual name isn't very zippy, hence the pen name. But she does like it.

--She'll turn 20 soon--she might cry form old age--and lives in the United States. California, to be more exact.

--She's studying linguistics at a university known for its science department. She thinks linguistics is the coolest subject ever and will gladly nerd out on you if you give her half an inch of invitation. To make matters worse, her focus area looks like it's going to be the unfrogly thing even other linguistic majors fear: syntax and semantics.

--She only speaks American English and German and is working to change this in 2011. So far, she's added French and Spanish to the immediate list of languages to acquire. Arabic or Hindi will likely follow in 2012.

--She's one of those dastardly things called a vegetarian. The hardest part for her was saying goodbye to gummy bears.

--She started her writing when she was eight. Began with a short story written for class about ghost children, space ships, flying pencils, and pancakes, and then progressed to Nancy Drew rip-offs. She finished a hilariously cliche epic fantasy series when she was 14 and tried to publish it. Agents told her both kindly and not so kindly that this novel was horrifically cliche. She's written two substantially less-cliche novels since.

--Her current novel is abusive to her. She'd sue for emotional damages but the jerkface would probably win.

--She would really love to be a career novelist. You know, the book signings where you sign three books, the crappy hotels, the hatemail, the reclusive cabin, the works. But in case that doesn't pan out, she's considering training dogs, running a European cafe back in the states, running an American cafe in Europe, working for a variety of companies that would ship her all over the world, joining the PeaceCorps, joining NASA as an astronaut, joining the CIA, taking over the world, and becoming a high school English/German teacher.

Exciting. I know.

I don't fangirl. I fandragon.

Formerly RachaelElg

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Mon Jan 03, 2011 1:19 pm
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Demeter says...

I just want to you say that I love love love linguistics and will apply to study it. It'll be a bit different because none of the students are native English speakers, but still. I'm currently reading this book for the entrance exam (this one to be exact), and it's amazingly interesting and I love it so much even if it's a textbook.
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Sun Feb 06, 2011 3:42 pm
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322sivart says...

Hi, Rachel.
It really is great to educate yourself with so many languages.
Are you learning French and Spanish on your own, or through school?
The only other language I speak well besides English is Spanish, and right now I'm learning Polish, which is surprisingly easier than I thought it would be.
What sort of novel are you writing?
Need reviews?
I'd be happy to give them.

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