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my life story!!! <3

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Tue Nov 23, 2010 8:31 pm
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goldentouch says...

My nicknames are Mimi and strips. I was born in Chicago, where my moms family lives!!!! I have lived in Philly my whole life though. I was actually born three months early and my mom had and dad had been up there for vacation. My dad worked in construction, as a senior manager, he had to travel a lot, when he was on a business trip in Texas he was seriously injured in a freak accident and died two years later. my mom is the best though and it means more trips to Chicago. I play national level Lacrosse, I run, sculpt, act and write. I skipped 3rd grade. I have an arts scholarship to a private school. I also enjoy hanging out with my best friends but don't have much free time. check out my writing and if you have any questions...ask!

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