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Complexity of Cannon

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Mon Oct 11, 2010 7:55 am
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cannoncomplex says...

Hello, I am ComplexCannon

I am a new member of the YWS

So here is some facts about me:

I live in New Zealand...good little New Zealand especcially in Wellington, the capital city. I am currently doing University studying psychology and religious studies. I ahd formerly done philosophy, english literature and statistics ( :x ). I want to do creative writing course but due to a clash with psychology, i decided to cancel it.

I am 19 and I love to write. It is my basic procastination. I write on a variety of genres but I focused on writing stories about mundane life but with a twist of surrealism. What I meant is that whenever i write, i give a certain imagery that is either strange, grotesque or just-plain-weird but the characters do not seem to mind it and act almost normal with its presence. I develop this writing when I was in high school (its called college in new zealand). I got tired of the usual genres and decided to write something vaguely different.

My writing style or stories is neither horror or fantasy because i am not attempted to scare the reader and its not fantasy because its grounded on reality. Its a little twist and often the context are hard to reconstruct on a first read. That's why I call myself the CannonComplex.

My inspiration is heavily driven by gothic/horror literature due to the imagery, art shows and anime. In anime, I am talking about the weird ones not the mainstream. the anime I like must have some context that the viewer must reconstruct. Instead of having the context in a plate, I want an anime that makes me think! My favorite is Serial Experiment Lain. That is my avatar. I love this because of its complexity of themes and that it does not follow a simple flow of plot. It really makes the viewer think of what on eart is going on.

Well, that's me, cannoncomplex...i hope to meet you soon and read your stories.

Anyway, I love
Lain Iwakura: If you're not remembered, then you never existed.

Always do what you are afraid to do.
— E. Lockhart, We Were Liars