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Sat Oct 09, 2010 7:13 pm
Khepri says...

So...I am a pretty new member of YWS - I joined on September 15 this year. name is...Khepri, obviously. (not my real name) To clear up any future confusion on the matter, I am NOT, and I repeat, NOT, Indian. Khepri is an Egyptian name. No, I'm not Egyptian, either! I just like the name.
I love! muffins, chocolate, funny shaped rocks, and origami competitions with my friends. My hedgehog is the best pet ever...her name's PineCone, and she is possibly the cutest creature on the planet, rivaling even the panda and the puppy. PineCones, pandas, and puppies. Yeah. I love fall days, the smell of baking bread, and poetry. The latter also happens to be my main writing focus :)

If you ask me my favorite book, I would say are you nuts I can't pick a favorite!!!!...but if I HAD TO CHOOSE, I'd say The 13+1/2 Lives of Captain Bluebear by someone who I forget the name of!! As of now I only know of two other people who actually know of this book. But it is seriously awesome. Don't let its 700+ pages intimidate you xD
Let's see favorite expression is "bother". Yes, as in Winnie-the-Pooh "oh, bother" and don't make fun of it! It's a lot better than cursing when you mess something up.

I, at this VERY MOMENT IN TIME, have ON MY DESK in front of me; a traffic cone, two neon feathers (pink and orange!), fingernail tattoos, orange duct tape, a glass coke bottle with a stick in it, four funny-shaped bits of wood, and three high school application drafts. I find that you can tell a lot about a person by looking at the contents of their desktop. And even more by rifling through their desk drawers...which, of course, I would never do. *cough*.

The ONE thing that I can honestly say I hate is factoring trinomials. Oh, and riding roller coasters.
The former is my math homework tonight.
The latter, you can try as much as you want, but you won't get ME on one of those things.

If you get a chance, come visit me in Land of the Scarabs...and that's pretty much it. Weeeellll, not really. But it's all I'm tellin'.
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Sun Oct 10, 2010 3:52 pm
Tigersprite says...

Khepri, real name or not, is a nice name. You live in Egypt? Cool!

I love chocolate too, and I used to collect rocks (still do, actually). I didn't know there were hedgehogs up in the North. I used to live in West Africa, and I never saw any there. I like Summer better than Fall (my birthday!), because the latter is wet and cold over here, and I love poetry too (though sometimes I don't understand it)!

I'll look at the Land of Scarabs when I have time, sounds pretty interesting (I have a single blog post too, don't quite know what to post next)! Nice getting to know you! :)

"A superman ... is, on account of certain superior qualities inherent in him, exempted from the ordinary laws which govern men. He is not liable for anything he may do."
Nathan Leopold

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Sun Oct 10, 2010 4:12 pm
Khepri says...

I don't actually live in Egypt...but I wish I did! I live there in spirit, since I know so much about it :) My hedgehog is an African Pygmy, so it's native - you probably wouldn't have seen any because they are burrowing creatures, and nocturnal! They don't live around people much. Although PineCone is such a scaredy-hedgehog I don't know how they manage to survive in the wild at all!

Obsessing over what you regret won't get you anywhere.
— Steggy