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What is a SodapopLunchbox?

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Mon Jul 19, 2010 6:25 pm
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sodapoplunchbox says...

Hello everyone! My name is Meaghan and I am...

What's my username mean?
Sodapop- I love the sound of that word. Everytime I say it my mouth feels like a fiesta. My big kick with this name was because of The Outsiders. Do it for Johnny man!
Lunchbox - I read somewhere that one of Patrick Stump's nicknames was Lunchbox. I thought that was pretty cool, plus he's my all time celebrity crush, so the nickname of Mrs. Meaghan Lunchbox began.
How did those two words come together? I'm not sure...

I started writing around the age of eleven or twelve. For me, writing was my escape. I had a bad childhood, so I poured my energy from that into the fanfics I used to write. And those were inspired by music.
Namely the band
Fall Out Boy. (That band has opened me to new horizons, and nowadays you can find me listening to Breathe Carolina, I See Stars, Hot Chelle Rae, All Time Low, Owl City, A Day To Remember, etc.) :smt035
I credit all my achievement to the friends I had in seventh grade who supported me and the music that helped me in the hardest points in my life.

This website has reinstated my love for writing. Everyone on here is so kind and shares a similar passion-- writing. <3
Thank you all for being so nice!! :smt040

Spoiler! :
I don't even like the taste of soda! :smt110
I hope you like the stars I stole for you,
One hundred million twinkle lights in neon blue.
I'll be the brightest,
You'll see!

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Thu Jul 22, 2010 9:01 pm
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ziggiefred says...

Hey Mrs Lunchbox :lol: That was funny.

-Thank you for clearing that up, I was about to ask you what your username meant. Cool, you really thought about this.
-You don't like soda? Girl, do you know how many cokes I can go through in one day when I have money!
-Patrick Stump is cool, but for me, my one and only is Caleb from Kings of Leon.

Nice knowing ya Sodapopluncbox
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Mon Aug 02, 2010 3:04 am
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ToritheMonster says...

The outsiders!!! Awesome book. Sodapop's an awesome character. I'm quite the Ponyboy fan, though. Poor Johnnycakes.
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